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Geothermal Power Plants
Why Geothermal Power is the Next Renewable to Watch

Greater funding opportunities and growing interest in geothermal technology are driving innovation in the geothermal power industry.

top oil tanker companies
Top 10 Largest Oil Tanker Companies in the World 2020, Top Oil Tanker Companies | Oil Tanker Factsheet

Complete list of the top 10 oil tanker companies in 2020. Teekay, Euronav, Scorpio Tankers. See where the top oil tanker companies rank in 2020.

top hydropower producing countries
Hydropower Generation Industry: Top 20 Hydropower Producing Countries in the World 2020

Hydropower generation is expected to remain as the world’s largest renewable energy source and play a critical role in decarbonising the power system and improving system flexibility through 2020. The

top 10 solar companies in India
Solar Power Industry in India: Top 10 Solar Companies in India 2020

The solar power industry in India is one of the country’s fastest growing sector, while the top 10 solar companies in India are dominating the market by increasing their sales

largest natural gas companies
Top 10 Largest Natural Gas Companies in the World 2022, Largest Natural Gas Producers | Natural Gas Industry Factsheet

A complete ranking and breakdown of the top 10 largest natural gas companies in the world in 2022 by revenue. CNPC, BP, ExxonMobil, see where these top natural gas producers

largest oil companies
Global Oil Industry Factsheet 2020: Top 10 Largest Oil Companies in the World

Petroleum, also known as crude oil continues to be the world’s primary energy source ahead of wind power and solar energy, the global oil industry has maintained its strong and steady growth, while

wind power advantages and disadvantages
Wind Power Advantages and Disadvantages: Wind Energy Factsheet 2020

This is a factsheet of the top wind power advantages and disadvantages you should know in 2020. This is a factsheet of the top wind power advantages and disadvantages you

largest wind turbine manufacturers
Global Wind Turbine Industry Factsheet 2022: Top 10 Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturers

The top 10 wind turbine manufacturers continue to dominate the global wind energy market in 2022 due to their significant wind power capacity installations over the recent years. According to

Fossil Fuel Industry
electric power industry
Electric Power Industry 2020: Power Generation Industry Trends Fact Sheet

Fact sheet detailing a complete breakdown of latest trending news in electric power generation, distribution, and transmission.

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