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Top 10 Largest Paper Producing Countries in the World (2018)

The global paper industry has thrived in terms of paper production and paper consumption over the last few decades, led by some of the world’s largest paper producing countries and

Air Conditioner Industry in China: World’s Largest Producer and Exporter

The global air conditioner industry has been enjoying growth for decades, mainly led by the emerging markets from China, India, Japan, and Brazil. The growing demand of air conditioners in

Top 10 Largest Gold Producing Countries in the World (2018)

The global gold market continues to remain highly lucrative through 2018, and the market continues to be dominated by some of the world’s largest gold producing countries — who are

Top 10 Largest Steel Producing Countries in the World

Check our 2020 version of the Global Steel Industry Factsheet: Top 10 Largest Steel Producing Countries & Top 10 Largest Steel Companies in 2020 Global crude steel production celebrated a

Global Titanium Dioxide Market in 2018: China Is in the Lead

The global titanium dioxide market has witnessed strong growth over the recent decades, mainly driven by an increased usage in coatings, plastics, paper and other sectors. While the growing demand

Rubber Industry in Thailand: World’s Largest Natural Rubber Producer and Exporter

The rubber industry in Thailand has significantly evolved and diversified from some small-scale rubber plantations in the 1900s to today’s top rubber producer and rubber exporter in the world. The

Global Stainless Steel Market: How China Became the Largest Supplier

The global stainless steel market maintained its momentum in 2017 in terms of growth; which is expected to continue through 2018, mainly driven by the substantial increase of the demand

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The Cement Industry in China: Forecasts and Trends 2018

China is the largest cement manufacturer in the world, producing close to 60% of global supply. Since 2010, China has been responsible for more than half of the world’s cement

Healthcare Market in China: Fastest Growth Rate in the World

The healthcare market in China is growing at an astonishing speed, primarily boosted by factors such as the growing population —particularly the aging population — rapid urbanization, surging domestic and

China’s Engine Industry: Still Going Strong in 2017

The engine industry in China is still going strong in 2017, mainly driven by the rapid development of the country’s booming machinery industry and its sub-sectors, such as engineering machinery,

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