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Global Medical Device Industry Factsheet 2020: Top 10 Largest Medical Device Companies in the World

The global medical device industry has been experiencing a strong and steady growth over the recent years, while the top 10 largest medical device companies continue to lead the market

Health Insurance Industry in Australia: 4 Ways to Reduce Costs for Private Health Insurance (2018)

The private health insurance industry in Australia is growing fast and becoming more competitive than ever before. According to a recent market report from IBIS, the revenue of Australia’s health

Top 20 Medtech Startups to Watch in 2018

Medical technology, or Medtech, is a burgeoning market that is expecting exponential growth over the next five years. Evaluate’s latest global Medtech review forecasts worldwide sales to grow 5.1% to

Future of the Healthcare Industry in India: Growing Rapidly in 2018

The healthcare industry in India is already one of the country’s largest sectors in terms of both employment and revenue generation, and it is expected to grow at a rapid

Japanese Medical Device Companies Expecting to Flourish in 2018

The medical device industry in Japan is the second largest in the world, and is well-acknowledged for its high-tech and high-quality medical device products, especially in the categories of diagnostic

Dental Implants Market to Reach $4.5 Billion USD by 2022

The dental implants market has always been one of the major sectors and fastest-growing markets in the global healthcare industry. While dental implants are nowadays becoming a common dental treatment,

Medical 3D Printing: Ready to Digitally Transform the Healthcare Industry

Medical 3D printing technology is showing great potential and is now ready to digitally transform the healthcare industry in 2018. As one of the latest and fastest-growing medical applications, medical

Global Medical Tourism Trends: Gaining Popularity in 2018

Medical tourism trends will dominate in 2018, as the industry becomes one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors in the global healthcare industry over the recent decades. The

Healthcare Market in China: Fastest Growth Rate in the World

The healthcare market in China is growing at an astonishing speed, primarily boosted by factors such as the growing population —particularly the aging population — rapid urbanization, surging domestic and

Top 10 Healthcare Industry Challenges and Solutions for 2018

The global healthcare industry has witnessed steady growth with soaring healthcare expenditures around the world, despite ongoing industry challenges. The growth is mainly driven by the increasing world population, particularly

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