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Millions of Plastic Bottles a Minute: Consumption Remains a Problem

Plastic bottles, one of the most common formats in the global packaging industry for centuries, is now under the spotlight as the consumption of such packaged products is causing a

How Plastic Bans are Affecting the Flexible Packaging Market in India

In January of this year, Delhi introduced a ban on disposable and single-use plastic in response to complaints about the illegal burning of mass amounts of plastics at three major

New Textile Technology Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles into Yarn

Fast-developing textile technology never ceases to amaze the world. As it is challenging to deal with billions and billions of discarded plastic bottles every year, textile researchers have just discovered

Everything You Need to Know about Plastics Industry in the US

  The US plastics industry is one of the US economy’s largest and fastest growing industries that has made strong recovery after the global recession in 2008 – 2009. Today,

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