Milking Machine Market: The Netherlands is the World’s Largest Supplier in 2018

The global milking machine market is experiencing rapid growth in 2018, mainly driven by the development of automation technology coupled with the increasing demand for dairy in the global market. As one of the world’s most advanced and largest dairy markets, the Netherlands is not only well-known for its milk production in the dairy sector but also as one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing and exporting of milking machines and milking robots over the years. With the global demand for dairy products continuing to soar, leading Dutch milking machine companies are now increasing their milking machine exports and gaining greater shares in global milking machine market.


The development of milking machines has been mainly fueled by the advancement of automated technology which enables milking machinery to conduct the milking process without human labor. Today, milking machines have been increasingly adopted by dairy farms around the world. Often aided by a sensor, laser, digital timer, automatic pump and even data storage or analysis system, many milking machines nowadays can effectively reduce labor costs while increasing milk yields during the milking process in the dairy industry.


Global Milking Machine Market Outlook


According to the latest market report from Markets and Markets, the global milking machine market is expected to grow from US$1.2 billion in 2016 to US$2.5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 11.06% between 2017 and 2023. The increasing adoption of automatic milking systems owing to various benefits associated with them, such as low dependence on the manual workforce, increased milk yields due to more frequent milking, and reduced labor costs, is a major driving factor for the milking robots market.


The rapidly growing herd sizes and the introduction of innovative and advanced automation technologies around the world are also pushing the demand for milking machines in the dairy farming industry. The technology allows automation of diverse dairy functions, and facilitates milk production, owing to increased efficiency and frequency of the automatic process. The increasing adoption of these milking machines also enables increasing resting time for cows, allows more cows to be milked at the same time, and offers greater comfort due to a reduction in udder tension.


Some of the world’s top milking machine manufacturers include BouMatic Robotics, DeLaval, GEA, Lely, and Fullwood Ltd. These leading milking machine manufacturers are also facilitating the modern deployment of milking machines or milking robotic systems, which can help in the monitoring of animal health, ensures a higher degree of cleanliness than manual milking, and enhances the milking capability.


The Netherlands is the World’s Largest Milking Machine Exporter


As one of the top dairy producers and suppliers in the world, the Netherlands is witnessing a surging rate of milking machine adoption across the country. Meanwhile, an increasing amount of Dutch-made milking machines or milking robots are also being exported to countries such as Germany, France, the US, Japan, and Italy. One of the major factors responsible for the growing demand for the Netherlands’ milking machines is the shortage and the high cost of manual labors in the dairy farms around the world.


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According to the latest trading data from ITC, the Netherlands exported US$314.1 million worth of milking machines to the global market in 2016, representing about 20% of the world’s total milking machine supply in that year, making the Netherlands the world’s largest milking machine exporter once again. Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom and Belgium were top five largest importers of the Netherlands’ milking machines in 2016.


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