Japanese Automotive Industry Spikes to Its Best Level in 2017

The Japanese automotive industry remains one of the most prominent and largest in the world, strengthened by its leading position in the top 3 of the world’s largest automotive manufacturing countries since the 1960’s. Today, Japan is the world’s third largest car maker by volume and second largest automotive exporter by value. With heavy investment in innovation and technology, the Japanese automotive industry continues to be one of the world leaders in auto design, performance, price, energy, and consumption.


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Japanese Automotive Industry Production and Manufacturing Innovation


Japan’s auto production and auto exports have grown at a rapid pace over the last several years, mainly driven by its rising domestic auto market and the increasing demand for economical and practical cars worldwide. According to the latest figures obtained by BizVibe, Japan produced over 9.2 million automobiles in 2016, including 7.87 million passenger cars and 1.3 million commercial vehicles, making Japan the world’s 3rd largest automaker after China and the USA.


Japanese car makers Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are now the 3 largest automakers in the country, and they ranked as the second, third, and fifth in the top 10 largest automakers in the world list. Apart from these 3 auto giants, Japan is also home to many more world-renowned automotive companies such as Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Mazda, and Subaru. The automotive market in Japan is also one of the country’s largest employment sources. The direct and indirect employment in Japan’s automotive industry currently totals 5.34 million people.


The automotive industry in Japan has also made a significant contribution to the country’s economy. According to a recent report from JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), Japan’s total automotive shipment value — both domestic and export shipments, including motorcycles, auto parts, etc. — reached 53.3 trillion yen or US$ 474.4 billion in 2016, accounting for 17.5% of the total value in Japan’s manufacturing sector, and 40% of the shipment value of the overall machinery industries.


Automotive Exports From Japan


When it comes to automotive exports, Japan ranks as the world’s second-largest auto exporter after Germany. JAMA reports that, in 2016, exports of motor vehicles from Japan grew 1.2% from the previous year to 4.63 million units. Passenger car exports rose 3.7% to 4.12 million units, whereas truck exports and bus exports dropped 17.7% and 6.8%, to 384,000 units and 132,000 units, respectively. Currently, the USA, China, Australia, the UAE, and Canada are some of the largest exporting destinations for Japanese automobiles.


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