5 Ways Progressive Companies Boost Recruitment and Retention

Attracting, hiring and keeping the right talent for key operational roles is a complex business. And many cross-cutting factors like salary, culture and development prospects affect the type of employees you’ll find to fill positions and whether they’ll choose to stick around long enough to realize their full potential. If you’re dealing with this corporate conundrum, here are five ways progressive firms boost recruitment and retention.


How to Boost Recruitment and Retention


Perk programmes


At a time when many households are feeling the squeeze between rising prices for outgoings and incomes that stay stubbornly steady, any scheme that helps save cash is bound to be appreciated.


So affordable staff perk programmes offer savings on a range of high street clothing and technology brands, cinema tickets, holiday travel and supermarket shopping. Signing up online is simple, and you’re able to offer valued staff genuine bargains for a reasonably low monthly membership rate.


If you can’t afford to offer salaries as high as you’d like to, perks might convince potential employees of your caring attitude.


Emotional intelligence training


Having staff at all levels who know how to eradicate ego from decision-making and manage personal and team emotions effectively is good for company health, effectiveness and the bottom line.


Most jobs entail some sort of pressure, but becoming more attuned to the emotional atmosphere allows teams to perform well in challenging circumstances.


So providing emotional intelligence training online or at an external venue is definitely a smart move — it enables teams to communicate clearly and operate with confidence and composure.


Distance learning


Staff might be more likely to remain with your company long-term if you’re able to offer genuine learning and development opportunities.


So part-funding vocational online degree programmes provide employees with the chance to learn while they earn — in return for which they’ll apply their new talents to benefit your business.


The flexibility of distance learning also means they might not have to significantly reduce their working week while they study.


Corporate health


Healthy employees are usually happier and perform more effectively at work — but if they’re worrying about time spent on public health waiting lists or the affordability of private treatments, it’s bad for both parties.


However, offering corporate healthcare services for free or for a small monthly fee provides peace of mind for your staff, their partners, and families.


Bespoke health plans can be designed for any size and type of organization, offering everything from reduced-cost dental care to physiotherapy and counseling for stress and anxiety.


Caring for staff health is the right thing to do — but it’s also a worthwhile investment in the future of your company.


Creating jobs around people


Sometimes employees leave companies because their role doesn’t really meet the job description that initially attracted them or it’s too inflexible to match their ambitions.


When people aren’t allowed to play to their strengths and growth isn’t possible, they’ll look for a better fit elsewhere.


So some forward-thinking organizations aren’t averse to finding talented people first, then creating tailored company roles around them — rather than vice versa.


Employees are more likely to feel valued and stick around when companies rate them highly enough to recruit in an agile manner, rather than applying a generic formula.


The current employment climate means fewer staff are likely to stay in jobs as long as they used to, but some strategic thinking can help your firm buck the trend.


Apply these five tips for boosting recruitment and retention for your firm to set sail for sustained success.


How does your organization attract and keep staff? Share your advice in the comments section.



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