Dairy Industry in New Zealand Expects to Rebound

The dairy industry in New Zealand has always been a major contributor to the country’s economic growth and export earnings. Thanks to preferential conditions of climate, soil, and high-quality water supply for substantial dairy production, New Zealand is now one of the largest dairy product producers and exporters in the global market. A large variety of New Zealand’s signature dairy products such as milk powders, nutritional dairy products, and infant formulas are widely sourced and sold in over 140 countries globally. Dairy export from New Zealand is expected to witness further growth in the near future; don’t miss your opportunity to source the best dairy products with top dairy exporters in New Zealand


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Milk Production in New Zealand’s Dairy Industry


Milk is one of the most important products in New Zealand’s prestigious dairy industry. According to the latest New Zealand Dairy Statistics, New Zealand processed a total of 20.9 billion litres of milk containing 1.86 billion kilograms of milksolids in the fiscal year of 2015-16. The total cow population in the country was nearly 5 million by the fiscal year ending 2016. Average milk production per hectare was 1,063 kg – the same as in 2013-14 – but below last season’s high of 1,082 kg.


When it comes to the largest dairy production regions in New Zealand, the majority of dairy herds (73.0%) are located in the North Island, with the greatest concentration (28.8%) situated in the Waikato region. Taranaki, with 14.1% of dairy herds, is the second largest region. Other major dairy producing regions include North Canterbury, Southland, and Northland.


Exports from New Zealand’s Dairy Industry


According to a recent report from New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), the total revenue of dairy export from New Zealand is forecast to increase by 3% in 2017 to $13.7 billion, following a decline in 2016, and is expected to jump another 24% to $17 billion in 2018, mainly driven by the predicted strong recovery of milk production after two years of decline.


Currently, China is the largest importer for New Zealand’s dairy products, representing over 23% of the total New Zealand dairy exports, followed by the USA (8%), Australia (6%), Japan (4%) and Malaysia (4%). MPI also reports that Chinese dairy demand is on the rise, with a record volume of dairy products imported during the year end September 2016, despite falling milk powder imports. China is importing greater volumes of butter, cheese, and liquid milk from Europe, as well as more liquid milk from New Zealand, thus becoming the main driver of New Zealand’s dairy exports growth.


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