Food Manufacturing Companies in Ontario to Enhance Sustainability Through New Program

Provision Coalition, an organization focused on food and beverage manufacturer sustainability, has announced a new program that will enhance the sustainability of food manufacturing in Ontario.


Provision Coalition has partnered with Loblaws Companies Limited to provide support to 40 manufacturers over a three-year period. Through this new program, called the Sustainability Management System Onsite Support Program, Loblaws and Provision Coalition will offer each food manufacturing company customized advice to enhance the company’s business strategy and ensure that its business practices are sustainable. This support will focus on improving employee culture, reducing harmful environmental impacts, and decreasing operational costs. It will also help with ongoing product innovation in the industry.


In a statement, Robert Cash, Provision Coalition Chair, said, “Provision Coalition is committed to working with Ontario’s 3000+ manufacturers on making meaningful aggregate reductions in the sector’s output of food waste and greenhouse gas emissions as two examples. We have the experience, the expertise and the tools to deliver on this project. Collaborating with Loblaw Companies Limited has demonstrated the importance and value of working across the supply chain in achieving common sustainability goals.”


Because food and beverage processing businesses are unevenly distributed throughout Ontario’s different regions and often face different challenges, sustainability can be more difficult for some food manufacturing businesses than others. The Sustainability Management System Onsite Support Program’s customized advice will be extremely beneficial in helping businesses in different locations and at varied levels of development and success to achieve sustainability without suffering significant losses in the process. Provision Coalition also offers an online Sustainability Management System that food manufacturing companies can incorporate as part of the program in addition to the strategies and advice provided.


Bob Delaney, MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville, says in the statement released by the organization, “The Province’s food and beverage manufacturing industry has become more sustainable, competitive, and successful,” as a result of Provision Coalitions involvement within Ontario so far. “Provision Coalition’s contribution to Ontario’s agri-food sector promotes sustainability, while ensuring the agriculture and food sectors continue to grow.” Sustainability is critical to maintain the success of this industry over the long-term.


Ontario’s beverage and food manufacturing industry is critical to the province’s economy. According to Food and Beverage Ontario, the sector generated CAD 41 billion in revenue, provides more than 130,000 direct jobs, and exports CAD 7.6 billion in product each year. Ontario has the 2nd largest food and beverage manufacturing sector in North America.


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