Sausage Industry: Italy is One of the Largest Sausage Suppliers in the World

The sausage industry has long been one of the most important segments in the global food sector, representing a large part of meat consumption around the world. Italy is currently one of the world’s largest sausage producers, consumers, and exporters. As the global sausage demand continues to grow at a steady pace, the sausage industry in Italy is expected to flourish further, so does the business opportunities with the top sausage suppliers in Italy.


Sausage is processed meat product made from different kinds of ground meat, along with various ingredients such as salt, seasonings, spices, and fillers. Meat varieties like pork, beef, veal, turkey, or any combination of these are commonly used in the production of sausages around the world. Different processing methods, including curing, drying, and cooking also give sausages unique textures and flavors, thus becoming one of the most popular food products among meat lovers.


Global Sausage Industry Overview


According to a recent market report from Wise Guy Reports, the global hot dog and sausage industry was valued at around US$67.1 billion in 2016, and this figure is expected to reach about US$76.6 billion by 2021, registering a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.67% during the analysis period of 2016 to 2021. The most recent trend in achieving the fastest growth in the global sausage market is the rising demand for organic sausages, driven by growing health-consciousness of consumers.


Organic sausage production is a sustainable and environmentally safe way of producing sausages. Meats that are used in making sausages are extracted from animals who are raised without the use of any antibiotics, are fed natural feed and are not genetically modified. Thus, the meat of such sausages is considered to be safer and healthier to consume.

Italy as One of the Sausage Industry Leaders


Italy is well-known for its food products, especially processed meat products — ranging from cured meat to variety of sausages. According to reports from Carni Sostenibili, the meat sector in Italy generates an economic value in the order of 30 billion Euros per year, compared to about 180 billion Euros of the entire food sector and to 1,500 billion Euros of the total national GDP. Italian sausages are a delight for meat lovers because it is prepared with a mix of different quality ingredients including salts, herbs, and Italian spices. The demand for this kind of sausage is also increasing dramatically, especially in the EU and the Asia Pacific region.


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Statistics from Statista show that the turnover value of the processing, preserving, and production of the meat products industry in Italy had unsteady growth between the years 2010 and 2015. Over this period, the turnover value of the processing and preserving of meat and production of the meat products industry in Italy has dropped in the year 2011, to 20.3 billion euros. Afterwards, it experienced an increase up to over 23.6 billion euros as of the year 2015.


Exports from the Italian Sausage Industry


When it comes to sausage exports, Italy is also one of the world’s leaders. According to the latest trade date from ITC, Italy exported over US$461.7 million worth of sausages to the global market in 2016, representing 10.2% of the world’s total sausage export in that year, making Italy the world’s third largest sausage suppliers after Germany and the USA.


Italy exports most of its sausages to the EU (60%) and the US (15%). The recent trade ban lift in China will increase the demand and export for Italian pork sausages. Sausage suppliers from Italy face an uphill battle trying to access the international market. China, one of the largest importers of pork meat and its products from the EU has lifted a 17-year-old pork ban from Italy. With great potential for international trade, the obstacle has always been identifying where the top buyers and sellers network.


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