Top 5 Female-Founded Tech Startup Companies

It’s 2017, and just 17% of startup founders are female, according to TechCrunch. In the tech world, that number is projected to be lower. In fact, the number of women in tech is declining—thanks, it appears, to sexism in educational institutions and in the workplace, a shining example of which was provided last week by a now-former Google employee and his ten-page memo.


Despite these obstacles, the accomplishments of women in tech cannot be discounted. Through initiatives, mentorships, and changing attitudes industry-wide, the percentage of female startup founders has the potential to rise significantly in the near future. Here’s BizVibe’s list of the top 5 female-founded technology startups:


  1. Maven: Maven is a health app designed specifically for women. It connects patients with doctors via video chat, allowing them to reach qualified physicians from their own homes. Patients can get prescriptions, support, and access to treatment through the app. This startup was founded by Kate Ryder.


  1. Cloudflare: Co-founded in 2009 by Michelle Zatlyn and Matthew Prince, Cloudflare now handles as much as 10% of all internet traffic. Last year, it was hired to defend Donald Trump’s websites from hacker collectives such as Anonymous.


  1. Front: Led by Mathilde Collin, this startup allows you and your team to collaborate on email responses using a shared inbox. It also offers analytics and reporting features. Front makes communications with customers easier and more effective, and enhances collaboration across an organization.


  1. Revel Systems: This startup lists Cinnabon, Shell, and Chobani amongst its customers. Revel’s iPad-based point-of-sale system is transforming how brick-and-mortar stores operate. It was co-founded by Lisa Falzone and Chris Ciabarra, though both moved on from the company in February 2017. The company’s estimated value is now over USD 500 million.


  1. Levo: Led by Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot, Levo provides millennials with a network to find a career and workplace that they love. Users can create a free profile to connect with millions of members across thirty different cities. Currently, Levo has more than 9 million members.


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