Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Singapore

Singapore’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is currently seeing a significant amount of growth driven by recent innovation. From the development of pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals to the delivery of these drugs and products, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Singapore are experimenting with new formulas, methods, and technologies to great success. Sales have been tremendous from the top global drug companies recently and when projecting further, global sales are expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2021. Singapore alone is expected to exceed the $1 billion mark by 2019. With the help of niche industries like the nano and microsatellite market; the future for the top pharmaceutical companies in Singapore looks promising and drug manufacturers from the region are expected become major players in this industry.

Here’s BizVibe’s List of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Singapore for 2017


Raffles Medical Group

1. Raffles Medical Group Ltd is one of the largest healthcare and generic drug manufacturers in Singapore, Raffles Medical Group is a private healthcare provider that also develops and distributes pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, supplements, vitamins, and medical diagnostic equipment. It operates medical facilities in 13 cities in Singapore, China, Cambodia, Japan, and Vietnam.

WAVE Life Sciences

2. WAVE Life Sciences Ltd., through its synthetic chemistry platform, this preclinical biopharmaceutical company develops nucleic acid therapeutics that target rare genetic defects. The company aims to initiate six clinical programs by 2018 and is quickly becoming one of the most prominent and largest pharmaceutical companies in Singapore.


3. Pharmaskin offers a range of cosmeceutical skincare products and health supplements. Its services include contract product manufacturing, custom product development, formula customization, in-house research and development, and skincare manufacturing consultation.


Sphaera Pharma

4. Sphaera Pharma Private Ltd. is a company focuses on the development and delivery of drugs for a wide variety of therapeutic areas. It has filed over 28 patents since 2009, and has a portfolio of programs that are at various stages of the drug discovery and development process. Unlike many other pharmaceutical companies in Singapore, the company has a target-based approach rather than a set focus on specific diseases and applications. This reportedly allows it to be more flexible and easily accommodate the changing needs of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.


Special Access Pharma

5. Special Access Pharma is a company focuses on the distribution of and access to pharmaceuticals for chronic or rare diseases. Through an established Named Patient Supply Process, it helps patients and healthcare professionals obtain access to drugs that are unlicensed or otherwise unavailable. When it comes to efficient distribution models, Special Access Pharma is truly an influencer among the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


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6. Pharmaxcels deals with the import and export of pharmaceutical products, as well as industrial chemicals, dyes, essence and flavours, APIs and substrates, metal and steel, consumer goods, cosmetics, and industrial and household use materials.


Melbourne Drugs

7. Melbourne Drugs offers a range of services to other pharmaceutical companies in Singapore, including channel management, regulatory affairs services, logistics services (including warehousing), sales and in-store product promotion, and marketing and pricing services.


Gamma Pharmaceuticals

8. Gamma Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2007, Gamma Pharmaceuticals served many major drug manufacturing companies in Singapore and around the world before independently entering its own brand into the steroid market in 2015. The company was moved from Europe to Singapore around the same time due to changing pharmaceutical regulations in European countries.

ITS Science & Medical

9. ITS Science & Medical, as a division of ITS Group, ITS Science & Medical provides medical instruments, medical infrastructure, and research. It also specializes in products for drug discovery and development, bio-processing and bio-containment, micro-compounding, and more.

NCI Health

10. NCI Health was established in 2004, NCI Health is a subsidiary of Natural Colloids Industries Pte Ltd, a leading supplier of food gums and stabilizer systems to cosmetic and is a key global pharmaceutical company in the industry. The company’s product line was recently expanded to include nutraceuticals and functional foods. Its products focus largely on joint health, cartilage rejuvenation, and skin and bone health.


Do you agree with our list of the top pharmaceutical companies in Singapore? Where do you see trends going in 2017?


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