Startups 2018: Top 5 New Sports Apparel Companies

The global sportswear market is more popular now than ever before. From running to yoga to weightlifting, there’s athletic clothing and activewear to suit every sport or activity out there. Startups are increasingly edging their way into the market, taking a piece of the pie away from big corporations and brands by catering to under-served consumer segments and offering one-of-a-kind athletic products. With many brands trying to be like Gymshark, only a few are creating the buzz needed to potentially have similar success, here is our list of the top 5 new sports apparel companies in 2018:


Top 5 New Sports Apparel Companies


1.Karma Athletics 


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this startup offers women’s workout apparel. The company’s best-selling products are its workout tanks, t-shirts, and sports bras. It also has a wide range of workout tights which find popularity with consumers because of their colorful patterns and diverse styles. Creating and sharing ideas for an everyday active lifestyle with a commitment to product quality and design, Karma Athletics is one of the most talked about new sports apparel companies in 2o18.

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2. Lou & Grey


A popular startup creating buzz on social media and among fashionistas and influencers, this is one of the most talked about new sports apparel companies in 2018. The startup company recently launched a new athleisure label, aptly called Lou & Grey Form.


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3. Rhone Apparel


Specializing in high-quality men’s activewear, Rhone apparel has recently garnered investments from L Catterton, the largest consumer-focused private equity firm in the world. The company offers clothing with anti-microbial and anti-odor properties. Rhone also recently launched GoldFusion, a technology that infuses gold particles into fabrics to increase softness, reduce odors, and enhances the total lifespan of a garment.


As the endless debates between Rhone vs Lululemon ensue over the internet and social media, it’s good to realize that Rhone — a relatively new startup — has created such a buzz in the industry, in such a short time. Rhone goes after Lululemon’s market — the high-income, active men between 25-50 years of age — and has done a stellar job creating a dent in the niche market. In 2016, Rhone was called the “hottest men’s activewear brand” and Forbes even agrees that the company is about to take over the global activewear market.


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4. Koral


Joining the list on this new athletic wear brands list, this company offers clothing designed with their Koral Infinity technology, which is chlorine resistant, provides color and quality protection, and prevents fabric deterioration and shape loss. Koral offers traditional athletic gear as well as workout bodysuits, jumpsuits, and outerwear. Koral offers its products exclusively online.


5. Athos


Athos’s line of activewear is embedded with sensors that offer biometric tracking. Biosignals and data picked up by the sensors are delivered to a mobile app and can then be reviewed by the wearer to determine the quality of their performance, endurance, and form. The company’s smart activewear is sold on their website and also in SportCheck stores throughout Canada.


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The Future for the Top Activewear Brands and Startups


The global sports apparel market is expected to garner $184.6 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 4.3% by 2020. There are many factors in addition to exciting new startups like the new sports apparel companies mentioned on this list, other factors include the growing awareness of a healthy and active lifestyle, and the popularity of fitness activities such as aerobics, swimming, running, and yoga. Expect the sports apparel market to reach new highs going forward.


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*Updated in 2018 to include a more thorough breakdown.


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