Technical Textile Helps Brazil’s Textile Industry Bounce Back

As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil has been witnessing sluggishness in its economic and industrial performances over the past few years. The textile and apparel industry in Brazil is among one of the most affected sectors. However, thanks to its economic rebound, Brazil’s textile and apparel industry is expected to perform better from this year on, and its technical textile sector is likely to be one of the major segments to facilitate industry growth.


At present, Brazil is the only Latin American economy that holds a prominent position in the global textile and apparel market. The country is responsible for around 2.4% of global textile production and 2.6% of global apparel manufacturing, making Brazil the world’s fifth largest textile producer and fourth largest apparel producer, reported by the Institute of Studies and Industrial Marketing of Brazil.


Brazil is intensely investing in domestic production with the goal of the textile and apparel industry expanding its operations. The technical textile sector is a key focus, and Brazil continues rapid development with investment from both domestic and foreign multinational companies.


Brazil’s technical textile industry is currently composed of over 200 companies with employment of over 40,000 people. According to the report from the US’ International Trade Administration (ITA), the technical textile sector in Brazil is expected to exhibit the fastest growth. This sector includes disposable non-wovens with end use applications such as air and liquid filtration at 9.4%, absorbent hygiene at 8.4%, and wipes at 7%. Within the durables market, the only technical textiles nearing the growth of disposables are those used in the automotive market.


So far, Brazil is steadily rising as a leading global consumer of disposable hygiene textiles. Disposable hygiene textile demand in the country has experienced double digit growth over the past few years, mainly driven by the increasing purchasing power of middle-class consumers as well as continuing product development efforts that have created a strong platform for category growth in the country.


The consumption of technical textiles in Brazil is still low compared with other emerging markets, but the growth of non-woven and technical textile usage in Brazil has risen at a double-digit rate per year. With the increased capacity of the country’s technical textile productions, along with growing demand, Brazil is expected to witness substantial growth in its technical textile sector in the near future.


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