Top 10 Wool Producing States in India

Top Wool Producing States in India: 2018 Insights


The wool industry in India has had a long history of being one of the major sectors for the country’s prominent textile and apparel industry since the 1870s. Despite being a relatively smaller sector compared to its cotton or man-made fiber industries, India’s wool-producing industry still plays an important role in country’s economic development and textile exports. The top 10 wool producing states in India accounts for more than 2/3rd of the total wool produced in the country.


Today, India is one of the world’s largest wool producing countries with its woolen products ranging from textile intermediaries to finished textiles, such as carpets, apparel, knitwear, blankets, and so on. In 2014/15, India achieved total wool production of 48 million tonnes, thanks to its 3rd largest sheep population in the world. Out of this, about 85% is carpet grade wool, 5% apparel grade and remaining 10% coarser grade wool for making rough Kambals etc.


Currently, Rajasthan is the largest wool-producing state in India. There are 70 wool processing units in the state, and with over 15 million tonnes of wool production ever year, Rajasthan represents over 30% of the wool production in India. The state has eight different breeds of sheep that are well-known for producing high-quality carpet wool. 85% of wool produced in the state is of carpet grade.


According to the recent figures from the Government of India, top 10 wool producing states in India 2017:


1.Rajasthan, 14463.36 thousand Kg

2. Karnataka, 8821.44 thousand Kg

3. Jammu & Kashmir, 8371.01 thousand Kg

4. Telangana, 4422.97 thousand Kg

5. Gujarat, 2577.41 thousand Kg

6. Himachal Pradesh, 1663.07 thousand Kg

7. Uttar Pradesh, 1493.71 thousand Kg

8. Haryana, 1428.69 thousand Kg

9. Maharashtra, 1385.78 thousand Kg

10. Andhra Pradesh, 778.23 thousand Kg


Along with Rajasthan, the top 5 states account for over 80% of the total wool production in India, while the top 10 wool producing states represent nearly 95% of the total wool production in the country. Punjab alone represents over 40% of woolen units in the country, while Haryana accounts for 27%, Rajasthan for 10%, and the rest of the states account for the remaining 23%.


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