New Survey Shows Companies Crave Digital Transformation, but Proper Execution is a Challenge

Pointsource’s Executing Digital Transformation survey took data from 300 decision makers in the fields of marketing, IT, and operations to see what difficulties organizations were facing with digital transformation and how they could effectively overcome them. The study found that many organizations are willing to commit to large-scale digital transformations, but that not everyone is able to properly execute this. Here are some of the key findings from this survey:


  • Organizations often lack understanding and data on their key customers and audiences, making it harder to provide them with an engaging and enjoyable digital experience. One in five of the survey’s respondents reported feeling like their organization does not do enough in-person research to understand key audiences. In addition, more than 40% of respondents said that their organization’s digital strategy does not have clear business objectives and performance indicators, making digital marketing and outreach extremely difficult.


  • Many organizations are using outdated technologies. 85% of respondents said that their organization uses older technology and systems that prevents them from increasing their productivity and speed, and negatively impacts the digital experience for customers. 81% of respondents report being unsatisfied with one or more of the systems their organization relies on.


  • Overall digital business transformation can also be hindered by inconsistencies between how platforms look and can be interacted with on certain devices. Only 36% of respondents said that they strongly agreed that users were able to move seamlessly across devices without experiencing issues. 14% of respondents said that their users cannot access information wherever and whenever they need it, regardless of the platform or device.


  • Working in siloes or having other organizational barriers is detrimental to implementing digital transformation successfully, and also create issues in terms of collaboration, communication, and problem solving. Less than half of respondents—under 45%—reported feeling confident in their organization’s overall ability to achieve its goals and vision for growth. This affects their potential for digital leadership. 4% were not confident at all.


These findings don’t paint a very promising picture of digital transformation overall, but not all is lost. There are strategies and lessons that can be learned from this study’s key insights to make digital transformation possible. For one thing, organizations that are struggling need to simplify and update the technologies that they use and that are available to their audiences—but they shouldn’t stop there.


Organizations should invest heavily in technology to ensure compatibility and maintenance of proper infrastructure. This will increase operational efficiency as well as the ease with which audiences can navigate their content, and will decrease technological incompatibilities. Early adoption of technology will allow organizations to gain expertise faster and give them an advantage against their competitors. Organizations should also prioritize collaboration between departments and increase communication, ensuring greater harmony and allowing departments to work together with ease.


Digital transformation for business is entirely possible if organizations invest, organize, collaborate, and research correctly and thoroughly. They must have a solid understanding of their audiences and work to keep pace with what audiences expect from digital media and technology to avoid falling behind.


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