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We Are SpinDye: A New Approach to Environmentally Friendly Dyes

As sustainability becomes more and more of a global concern, some organizations in the textile industry are looking to reduce the impact their operations have on the environment. Textile dyeing,

Indonesia’s Textile and Apparel Industry Overview

The textile and apparel industry in Indonesia is one of the top economy contributors and largest employment sources. This labour intensive and export oriented industry has helped Indonesia making its

Japanese Fashion Industry: New Trends and Challenges

Japan is one of the world’s largest fashion industries, and is home to many unique trends and innovations. New styles and fashion brands gain popularity all the time. The annual

Silk Production in Vietnam Looks Promising in Near Future

  Vietnam’s resilient silk industry will likely undergo rapid modernization and advancement in the coming years, moving away from tradition while still remaining a core part of the country’s culture

Apparel Industry in Cambodia – Increasing Exports and Minimum Wages

The apparel industry in Cambodia is now one of the largest foreign exchange generators for the country’s economy. The export-oriented textile and apparel production accounts for over 16% of Cambodia’s

Pakistan’s Textile Industry Is Set to Revitalize

Once a thriving, prosperous industry, Pakistan’s textile industry went into crisis last year, losing half a million jobs by September as the country’s exports (60% of which are textile products)

How Mexico’s Textile and Apparel Industry Would be Affected by Trump’s Presidency

Mexico’s textiles and apparel industry have a long and rich history: textile manufacturing in some form has existed in Mexico since at least 1400 BCE. Over the last few years,

The Textile Labour Market in Bangladesh

The textile labour market in Bangladesh consists of over 4 million workers, the majority (roughly 85%) of which are women. The textile industry is the largest employer of women in

Flourishing E-commerce Market in Germany Shows High Potential

The e-commerce market in Germany is booming, and it is expected to do even better in the coming years. Germany is currently the second-largest e-commerce market in Europe and the fifth-largest

Textile and Fashion Industry in Germany

  Germany is a world leader in the global textile and fashion industry. It is the fourth-largest exporter of textiles and clothing in the world, and also the second-largest importer.

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