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Business Matchmaking

What is Business Matchmaking?

Business matchmaking helps buyers and sellers identify, connect with, and network with companies that match their target audience. The goal of business matchmaking services is to create common business connections that facilitate engagements and interactions to identify business opportunities, close sales, find suppliers, and achieve other business goals. Business matchmaking services, such as those offered on BizVibe’s B2B networking platform, help businesses expand their reach to find the best fit for their services by identifying prospects and helping buyers and sellers connect easily online.

At its core, the matchmaking model brings together buyers and sellers, but the platform does not own what is being bought and sold. There are many popular and successful matchmaking models that business matchmaking services were modeled after such as Uber and Airbnb. Similar to the popular matchmaking examples that were just mentioned, BizVibe’s matchmaking services also successfully bring together two (or more) parties which have a common business interest.

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How Does Business Matching Work?

What is the business matchmaking process? Business matching (or matchmaking) is a custom business service that connects similar businesses based on a platform’s algorithms and matchmaking tools. Business matching works when companies share similar business goals and interests. A good business networking platform will match you with your target audience so the prospecting process can be cut significantly and all you have to do is work out business deals.

B2B networking platforms such as BizVibe connect buyers and sellers using their business matchmaking services based on shared business interests and goals. With over 30 million verified buyer and supplier profiles, BizVibe uses an innovative supplier tracking and business monitoring platform to help users connect and network. The goal of business matchmaking is to offer these buyers and sellers one platform to get their business processes started and finished from the prospecting and negotiating to closing stages.

B2B matchmaking can involve working directly with export promotion agencies as an outreach partner. By working with export promotion agencies, BizVibe can find qualified business matches based on business interests at a regional level and based on business goals set out on the platform. The matchmaking process is intended to save companies valuable time and money as the business matchmaking services find the best fit for the company’s services.

Business Matchmaking vs Networking

What is the difference between business matchmaking and business networking? At its core, business matchmaking is a structured process based on large amounts of data that connects buyers and sellers with the perfect target audience. Business networking without a robust business matchmaking service is less structured and more about the prospecting process of finding the ideal business partner. Business matchmaking is ideal for people and businesses that know their business goals and what they want to achieve, and are looking for a structured and efficient way to find the ideal companies to do business with.

BizVibe is one of the leading business matchmaking services and its innovative supplier tracking and monitoring platform helps buyers and sellers:

  • Identify the perfect fit for their services every step of the way
  • Create innovative and sophisticated outreach plans
  • Promote industry events
  • Find relevant companies that match their target audience
  • Organize and schedule meetings with qualified buyers and sellers

When Is Business Matchmaking Used?

There are many reasons companies — whether buyers or sellers — might need a business matchmaking platform. Business matchmaking is typically used in networking events to create the perfect match between buyers and sellers. The ultimate goal of business matchmaking is to match you with qualified leads, saving you money and time and helping to increase efficiency across the board. Additionally, business matchmaking is typically used for prospecting, at buyer/seller events, for expanding the scope of outreach between businesses, and for supplier tracking and monitoring.

A complete B2B networking platform such as BizVibe integrates with its business matchmaking services to connect buyers and sellers with qualified companies from targeted regions and sectors. Buyers and sellers on the platform also receive market insights and unlimited technical support. A smart B2B networking platform such as BizVibe can also organize and handle meetings between buyers and suppliers on demand or during events.

How Does Business Matchmaking Work in Trade Exhibitions and Events?

B2B platforms such as BizVibe use all their marketing channels to conduct outreach programs to all potential importers/buyers and invite them to participate in various virtual events. These processes are typically taken care of in the backend with no effort needed from the buyers or sellers seeking business matchmaking services. Leads are then qualified and confirmed before the event.

To learn how BizVibe assists trade associations with expanding their outreach, read our business matchmaking FAQ page.

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Popular Examples of Matchmaking Services

There are many popular and successful matchmaking services that platforms such as BizVBibe are modeled after. Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and Freecycle are some of the most popular organizations using the matchmaker model. Matchmaking services are extremely popular because they bring together buyers and sellers, but do not own what is being bought and sold.

How are B2B Meetings Organized?

Planning an effective B2B meeting is simpler and less daunting than you think. BizVibe has a 5-step process for effective B2B meetings.

  1. Explain to attendees the meeting structure
  2. Keep it as a networking session
  3. Create designated spaces for 1-on-1 meetings
  4. Define and monitor time
  5. Assist guests at all times

The good thing is that with BizVibe, the networking platform can manage all of this virtually as well as in-person, leading to more time for buyers and sellers to interact and not worry about the underlying processes of getting business deals done.

Will Business Matchmaking Services Work for Your Business?

Driving a business forward and towards achieving its goals is a multi-step process that requires years of refining and even a bit of luck. Business matchmaking services are for you if:

  1. You need new business connections with buyers or sellers.
  2. Your current business connections are getting stale and you need to expand your business to new sectors.
  3. There are a good number of buyers and sellers in your target market that you believe are still untapped.
  4. You see the potential for growth in the buyers and sellers market for your business.

BizVibe won’t assume that you know the answers to all these questions, so reach out and BizVibe can help you figure out if business matchmaking services apply to your business.

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