Global Titanium Dioxide Market in 2018: China Is in the Lead

The global titanium dioxide market has witnessed strong growth over the recent decades, mainly driven by an increased usage in coatings, plastics, paper and other sectors. While the growing demand from around the world is facilitating the increase of titanium dioxide production and export year on year, the continuous technological innovations aimed at improving manufacturing process are also expected to be another one of the major factors to drive the global titanium dioxide market moving forward. Don’t miss your chance to connect with the top titanium dioxide suppliers in China and take advantage of opportunities in this surging market.


Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, well-known for its extremely high refractive index. Industrially processed titanium dioxide is also one of the whitest materials on earth. Various commercial and industrial sectors use titanium dioxide powder as a pigment can which provides maximum whiteness and opacity. Nowadays, titanium dioxide is one of the most common pigments that are widely used in paints and coatings, plastics, paper, building materials, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and many other products.


Global Titanium Dioxide Market Outlook


The significant applications and usages of titanium dioxide have added to the lucrativeness of the global titanium dioxide market in 2018. According to the latest report from Grand View Research, the global titanium dioxide (TiO2) market size was valued at around US$ 13.2 billion in 2016. The market is expected to witness growth at a CAGR of over 8.9% from 2016 to 2025, owing to increasing demand from end-user industries. Usage of the product as pigments in paints & coatings formulation is expected to fuel industry growth over the next few years.


Within the global titanium dioxide market, the paint and coatings segments are expected to remain the largest market. Increasing demand for architectural and industrial coatings in the developing countries of Asia Pacific, particularly China and India, has registered huge demand for titanium dioxide in the paint and coatings industry, which would further boost the growth for this segment over the next few years. While Asia Pacific is also expected to remain the largest market due to the growth of end-use industries, such as paint and coatings, plastics, and paper.


Some of the world’s largest titanium dioxide suppliers include: Tayca Corporation (Japan), Huntsman Corporation (U.S.), Cabot Corp (U.S.), The Chemours Company (U.S.), Tronox Limited (U.S.), Kronos Worldwide Inc. (U.S.), Cristal (Kuwait), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Cinkarna Celje (Slovenia), Lomon Billions (China), and Ishihara Sangyo Kaishal Ltd. (Japan).


China is the World’s Largest Titanium Dioxide Supplier


China has become the world’s largest titanium dioxide supplier since 2009. During 2013-2016, the domestic titanium dioxide industry has registered a rapid growth as supported by the increase in demand for the products both at domestically and internationally. Today, China produces over 2.6 million tones of titanium dioxide per year, and exports a huge amount of its titanium dioxide products to Europe, the US and other Asia Pacific countries.


China is not only the world’s largest titanium dioxide producer but also the largest exporter and consumer of titanium dioxide. According to the recent report from Tranalysis, China exported over 750,000 tons of titanium dioxide to the global market in 2016, maintaining its title of the world’s largest titanium dioxide exporter once again. China has also shifted its main titanium dioxide export destinations from European and North American to the emerging markets in Asia Pacific, Middle Eas, and South America over the recent years.


China’s government is currently working on its plan to eliminate outmoded capacities of titanium dioxide and strengthen environmental protection measurements. Small and middle-sized enterprises, with a production capacity under 50,000t/a, are the ones to suffer. They mostly get merged or withdrawn from the market. Without their production capacity of about 500,000 tonnes yearly, the domestic output might shrink about 20%. However, the growing demand from overseas is expected to continue fueling the titanium dioxide market growth in China in the near future.


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