Rubber Industry in Thailand: World’s Largest Natural Rubber Producer and Exporter

The rubber industry in Thailand has significantly evolved and diversified from some small-scale rubber plantations in the 1900s to today’s top rubber producer and rubber exporter in the world. The staggering growth of the Thai rubber industry is mainly attributed to its advantages such as an abundance of natural resources, improving production infrastructure and a massive regional rubber consumption base. As the global rubber demand continues to increase at a steady pace, the rubber industry in Thailand is expected to flourish further, so does the business opportunities with top rubber suppliers in Thailand.


Natural rubber is nowadays one of the most common raw materials in both domestic and industrial applications. Rubber is harvested mainly in the form of the latex from the rubber trees, then refined into rubber ready for further and commercial and industrial processing. Thanks to its advantages including low costs, large stretch ratio, high resilience, and waterproof etc, there is great demand for rubber in a variety of industries from around the world. Some of the most popular rubber products include tires, tubes, and plugs. Other significant uses of rubber are hoses, belts, matting, flooring, medical gloves and much more.


Global Rubber Industry Statistics


The latest rubber industry report from Report Linker shows that the global natural rubber output increased 1.1% year on year to 12.4 million tons in 2016, while the global rubber consumption rose by 3.8% year on year to 12.6 million tons, indicating the gap of 200,000 tons between rubber demand and supply. In the context of steady growth in rubber demand and underproduction, it is expected that the global natural rubber market will continue to be in short supply in 2017-2021, with the supply and demand gap of about 700,000 tons by 2021.


Currently, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietna, and China are some of the world’s largest natural rubber producers, contributing 86.5% to the global total output. Thailand ranked as the largest natural rubber producer in 2016 with the total output of 4.5 million tons and the share of 36.3% in 2016.


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Meanwhile, China is the world’s largest consumer of natural rubber, and its rubber consumption in 2016 jumped by 4.6% year on year to 4.896 million tons, of which 77.9% was consumed in the country’s booming tyre industry. Driven by the steady development of the tyre industry, China’s natural rubber consumption is expected to maintain an AAGR of 4.5% during 2017-2021 and hit 5.788 million tons by 2021.


Thailand’s Rubber Industry Remains the World’s Largest


Thailand has grown to become the world’s largest natural rubber producer and supplier over recent decades — benefiting from its tropical climate, Thai rubber prices, as well as effective and advanced cultivation methods. Every year, Thailand produces over 4.5 million tones of natural rubber from more than 3.5 million hectares of rubber cultivation area throughout the country, maintaining its title of the world’s largest natural rubber producer for decades. According to the report from Thailand Board of Investment, the production of natural rubber in Thailand has continued to demonstrate consistent growth over the past few years at an annual growth rate of 5.81%.


Thailand is not only the number one in global natural rubber production but also in the lead when it comes to global rubber exports. According the latest trading statistics from ITC (International Trade Centre), Thailand exported over US$ 4.4 billion worth or equivalent of 3.6 billion tonnes of natural rubber to the global market in 2016, representing nearly 36.6% of the world’s total rubber exports in that year, making Thailand once again the world’s largest rubber exporter. China was the largest importer of rubber from Thailand in 2016, followed by Malaysia, Japan, and the USA being the other top rubber importers of Thailand’s.


In order to further strengthen the country’s leading position in the global rubber industry, the Thai government has provided some effective and strong support. In additional to facilitate cooperation between the enterprises and the research organizations to raise the level of value-added rubber industry products, Thai government also established a Rubber City in the southern border province of Songkhla, to serve as a sourcing and investing hub for rubber products made in Thailand.


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