Electric Shaver Market: Germany Innovating Among the World’s Top Suppliers

The global electric shaver market has enjoyed substantial growth over the recent decades, mainly facilitated by the rising population, growing disposable income, as well as an increasing awareness of health and beauty around the world. Germany has long been one of the world’s leading electric shaver manufacturers and exporters, representing a great reputation and huge shares in the global electric shaver market. With the global demand for men’s grooming continuing to grow, leading electric shaver suppliers in Germany are expected to tap into bigger success in the global market. Now it’s a crucial time to network with top electric shaver suppliers in Germany.


Global Electric Shaver Market Overview


According the latest market report from Global Industry Analysts, the global electric shaver market is projected to exceed US$7.5 billion by 2022, while the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global electric shaver market is expected to hit 5.3% from 2017 to 2025. A growing population with rising awareness regarding hair care and personal grooming will increase the sales of electric shavers and other personal grooming products across the globe. In addition, the rise in discretionary household income coupled with improved lifestyles among the young population is also believed to among the main factors that will drive market demand.


Geographically, Europe is dominating the electric shavers market worldwide with highest revenues and export volumes. Major European countries such as Germany, U.K. France, and Italy are leading the way in the global market. High purchasing power from consumers in Europe is another factor for high revenue growth in these countries. The Asia Pacific, led by China, India, and Japan, is currently the fastest growing electric shaver market in the world, thanks to their rapid urbanization and the increase in purchasing power of the consumers. Transition in lifestyle of the consumers is another major reason for the switch from conventional shaving products to electrical shavers around the world.


Germany is One of the Leading Electric Shaver Suppliers in the World


Electric shavers made in Germany are well-acknowledged in the global market for their technological advancements, top-notch designs, and great quality, therefore becoming one of the best examples of German engineering. Leading German and international electric shaver brands including Braun, Phillips, and Silvercrest are now all manufacturing their electric shavers in Germany. Today, Germany is the largest supplier of electric shavers to the EU, the US and Japan. As the global demand for electric shaver is increasing, the production and export of electric shaver from Germany are expected to grow further.


When it comes to the electric shaver exports, the latest trading data from ITC shows that Germany exported over US$608.9 million worth of electric shaver and hair trimmer to the global market in 2016, representing around 15.2% of the world’s total electric shaver export in that year, making Germany the world’s second largest electric shaver supplier after China. Largest German-made electric shaver importers in 2016 include Japan, France, China, the USA, Poland and Italy. Over the recent years, Germany’s electric shaver exports have also seen a dramatic growth in emerging markets such as India, Brazil, and UAE, meaning there is a still huge potential for Germany’s electric shaver industry to develop.


Connect with the Top Electric Shaver Suppliers in Germany


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