Food Manufacturing Companies in the United States – Industry Segmentation and Company Lists

Food Manufacturing Companies

US Food Manufacturing Industry Overview

The food manufacturing industry is an extensive and essential one, being the third-largest contributor to the US manufacturing sector. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), food and beverage manufacturing accounted for almost 16% of shipments and 15% of employees from all US manufacturing plants. The sector employs over 1.7 million workers, and while there are many industry giants in the US with thousands of employees, over 75% of food manufacturing companies consist of fewer than 100 people. In this sector, both large and small businesses are essential players.

Major US Food Manufacturing Companies on BizVibe

Key Product Areas
Company Type
Nestlé Ice cream, chocolate bars, sugar Public
PepsiCo Inc. Soft drinks, snacks Public
JBS Beef, pork, poultry, lamb, seafood Private
Tyson Foods Beef, pork, poultry Public
ADM Animal food, seasonings, biofuels Public
Mars Inc. Chocolate, confectionery, pet care Private
Cargill Inc. Meat, animal food, bioindustrial chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients Private
Kraft Heinz Company Meat, dairy, condiments, beverages Private
Smithfield Foods Inc. Meat products Private
General Mills Cereal, snacks, pet food Public

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Food Manufacturing Market Segmentation

The largest segment of the US food manufacturing industry is meat processing, which was responsible for 24% of shipments in 2019. Other key segments include dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables, bakery and tortilla products, sugar and confectionery products, and animal food. Food manufacturing plants are located across the US, with California and Texas being among the leading states and home to thousands of plants.

Meat Processing

The meat processing market in the US is valued at US$228 billion according to IBISWorld, employing over half a million people across more than 6,000 businesses. The sector includes companies that slaughter, process, and package meat products and byproducts to sell to other food manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. COVID-19 has put substantial strain on this market, in terms of both operational challenges and a slump in demand from restaurants. However, 2021 saw the market begin to recover as restrictions were loosened and customers returned to restaurants, and that trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Leading companies in the meat processing market include:

  • JBS USA Holdings
  • Tyson Foods Inc.
  • Cargill Inc.
  • Smithfield Foods Inc.
  • Hormel Foods Corporation

Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing

Bakery and tortilla manufacturing in the US is a multi-billion-dollar market, with thousands of businesses of all sizes across the US. However, margins are frequently small in this sector due to fluctuating raw material prices, which bakeries are not always able to offset by raising prices.

Bread and rolls make up roughly half of revenues generated in this market, and this segment has seen significant growth in recent years. Demand for baked goods is lower due to changes in disposable income, health trends, and consumer preferences, though they remain a staple of the bakery manufacturing industry. While the global pandemic is limiting revenue growth for tortilla manufacturers, overall the segment is growing well and is introducing products with a variety of additional nutritional content in order to appeal to a broader customer base.

Leading companies in the bakery and tortilla market include:

  • Grupo Bimbo
  • Flowers Foods
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Gruma
  • Harbar LLC

Fruit and Vegetable Product Manufacturing

The fruit and vegetable market in the US accounts for 8% of food and beverage industry shipments. The market is expected to grow steadily over the next several years, increasing by more than US$40 billion by 2025. Government initiatives to increase agriculture production are expected to help drive this growth.

Leading fruit and vegetable product manufacturers include:

  • Chiquita Brands International
  • Dole Food Company
  • Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
  • Salix Fruits
  • Sunkist Growers Inc.

Animal Food Manufacturing

The US animal food manufacturing market is valued at US$60 billion, employing over 60,000 workers across the country. While this sector has seen a decline in recent years, it is expected to grow over the next several years and the economy recovers from COVID-19. Meat consumption is expected to remain stable, helping to fuel demand for animal feed, and demand for pet food is on the rise as pet ownership increases due to people spending more time at home during the pandemic.

Leading animal food manufacturers include:

  • Cargill Inc.
  • Nestlé
  • Mars Inc.
  • ADM
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.

Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing

The sugar and confectionery market in the US is valued at over US$45 billion and is expected to grow by more than US$10 billion over the next five years, with over 1,700 businesses operating in the country. Like many other sectors, the market was impacted by the pandemic, but manufacturers are also facing challenges from the continuing trend of health-consciousness among consumers. Companies are therefore developing and selling a variety of new products, either featuring healthier ingredients or focusing on other ways to differentiate them from the competition.

Leading sugar and confectionery product manufacturers include:

  • Mars Inc.
  • The Hershey Company
  • Jelly Belly Candy Company
  • Mondelēz International Inc.
  • Nestlé

Regional Food Manufacturing Companies

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Food Manufacturing Companies in Oregon

Key Product Areas
Company Type
Dagoba Organic Chocolate Chocolate Private
Kettle Foods Snacks Private
Pacific Foods Soups, beverages Private
So Delicious Ice Cream, dairy-free Private
Umi Organic Noodles Private

Food Manufacturing Companies in New Jersey

Key Product Areas
Company Type
ASR Group Sugar Private
Campbell Soup Company Soups, canned food, beverages, snacks Public
Goya Foods Meat, seasonings, frozen foods, snacks Private
Mars Inc. Chocolate, confectionery, pet care Private
Pinnacle Foods Frozen foods, packaged foods Private

Food Manufacturing Companies in Minnesota

Key Product Areas
Company Type
Cargill Inc. Meat, animal food, pharmaceuticals Private
CHS Inc. Grains, crop nutrients, fuels Public
General Mills Cereal, snacks, pet food Public
Hormel Foods Meat, packaged foods, snacks Public
Land O’Lakes Inc. Animal feed, dairy Private

Food Manufacturing Companies in Chicago

Key Product Areas
Company Type
ADM Animal food, seasonings, biofuels Public
Chicago Bar Company Snacks Private
Conagra Brands Food staples, frozen foods, snacks Public
Carl Buddig and Company Meat Private
Gonnella Baking Company Bakery products Private
Kraft-Heinz Company Meat, dairy, condiments, beverages Private
La Preferida Packaged foods, seasonings Private
Quaker Oats Company Cereal, snacks Private
Tootsie Roll Industries Confectionery Public
US Foods Frozen foods, fresh produce Public

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