Potato Industry in the Netherlands: World’s Leader in Innovative Production

The Netherlands is the world leader in the potato industry in terms of potato production, potato exports, and potato processing. Despite the country’s small size, the Netherlands has managed to achieve the world’s highest potato crop yields through its innovative production, thus becoming one of the largest potato suppliers and potato seed suppliers in the global market. With potato remaining as one of the most popular and highest consumed agricultural food around the world, the potato industry in the Netherlands is expected to further strengthen its leading position in the global potato supply market. As the list of Dutch potato varieties continues to expand so does business opportunities in the Netherlands’ potato market.

Potato Industry in the Netherlands Overview


The production and processing of potatoes in the Netherlands have significantly increased over the past few years. Today, the Netherlands is one of the world’s leading countries in three major potato production segments, which are seed potatoes, potatoes for consumption, and potatoes for process industries. According to the report from the Netherlands’ agriculture industry journal Open Agriculture,  the Netherlands grows over 500 different varieties of potatoes on nearly 200,000 hectares of its land, the annual total potato production is over 7.3 million tonnes per annum, representing a world’s highest potato yield of 46 ton/ha.


Only half of the Netherlands’ potato crop is grown directly for food — around 20% is seed potatoes, and the remaining 30% is processed for starch. About 70% of potato production in the Netherlands is exported in the form of fresh tubers and potato products, such as chips and flour. Meanwhile, the Netherlands is also the world’s major supplier of certified seed potatoes, with exports of some 700,000 tonnes a year.


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Potato Production in the Netherlands


The latest industry statistics released by Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, CBS) show that the total production of potatoes for consumption — this excludes seed potatoes and potatoes that are grown for use in the potato starch industry — is estimated to be just over 4 million tonnes (4.012 million tonnes). This is an increase of 27% compared to the harvest of 3.16 million tonnes in 2016. While the total of potatoes produced in the Netherlands, including seed potatoes and potatoes for starch production, is 7.44 million tonnes in 2017, increased by 14% from 6.53 million tonnes in 2016.


Exports from the Potato Industry in the Netherlands


Potato facts: In 2016, the Netherlands exported $700 million worth of raw potatoes. The EU is the largest importer of Dutch potato products, which includes processed potato chips, frozen potato, baked potato and potato flour. Within EU, the UK is the largest importer of Dutch potatoes and its products. As the consumption of processed food is increasing day by day, the demand for processed potato products is also on the rise. The Netherlands is the best choice for potato imports because of its trusted exporters and EU’s free trade market.


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