Global Soap Industry Factsheet 2020: Top 10 Soap Brands in the World

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Revenues in the global soap industry have enjoyed a steady growth over the recent decades, particularly for the top 10 soap brands in the world. The upward demand of the soap and other cleaning compound products is mainly driven by the growing population, increasing health awareness and rising levels of hygiene among consumers around the world. Meanwhile, other factors including aggressive sales promotions by large and small soap companies and the introduction of functional soaps have also had a tremendous impact on the growth of the global soap market in recent years.

This industry fact sheet is to assist industry professionals, investors, and people in general that are interested in gaining insights into the global soap and other cleaning compound industry including:

  • How much is the global soap industry worth?
  • Who are the bestselling soap brands in the world?
  • What are the factors driving the global soap market growth?
  • What are the future trends of the global soap industry?

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Global Soap Industry Analysis

According to recent figures obtained by BizVibe, the global soap market totalled a value of US$ 19.5 Billion in 2018 and the figure is expected to reach US$ 24 Billion by 2022. New trends such as value-added soap products for cosmetic purposes, growing consumer preference for organic soap products, increasing disposable incomes and premiumization of the product are also facilitating the growth of the market.

Geographically, Asia-Pacific region, led by China, India and Indonesia, is the largest market in the global soap industry, accounting for over 30% of the global revenue annually. North America the second largest region accounting for 23% of the global soap and cleaning compounds market each year. The USA is currently the largest soap producer and consumer in the world, generating around $25 billion revenues in its soap market every year. Other world’s leading soap producers and exporters include Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and the UK. The US is the top importer of soap products, followed by Germany, the UK, Canada, and France.

Considering the fact that the global soap market is highly competitive and immensely fragmented, Many of the world’s most popular soap brands and largest soap companies have been compelled to offering products with a wide range of features such as aromatherapy, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, organic, medicated, or herbal soaps. Here are some of the market leaders and major players in the global soap that are dominating the sales of the global soap market.

Top 10 Soap Brands in the World 2020

10. Burt’s Bees

Burts’ Bees is one of the leading personal care products company based in the USA, owned by the consumer product giant Clorox. Burts’ Bees’ soap products are well-known for using only natural ingredients. Its Buttermilk Soap is made with buttermilk infusion and specially designed for toddlers. Burts’ Bees soap products can be found in over 30,000 retail outlets and grocery stores and drug store chains across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand.

9. Zest

Zest is one of the oldest soap brands in the USA introduced in 1955 by the multi-national consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble, also known as P&G, but then sold to Unilever in 2014. Zest has a wide range of soap products designed for different costumer’s preferences, such as cleansing, moisturizing, and revitalizing.

8. Caress

Caress is another popular soap brand owned by the Anglo-Dutch multinational company Unilever. It’s cosmetic beauty soap are allegedly made with the floral notes with a special formula infused with SilkEssence, provides for soft, elegantly fragranced skin. The Caress Forever Collection is also the world’s first body wash products with Fragrance Touch Technology.

7. Cetaphil

Cetaphil is a skin care products line that was invented by a pharmacist in 1947 for dermatology needs. As one of the highly recommended soap brands by dermatologists, Cetaphil remains in high demand, with about one bottle sold every minute. Cetaphil’s soap products are now available in United States, Canada, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, some European, Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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6. Ivory

Ivory is one of P&G’s most iconic brands and very first products since 1879. Today, Ivory product line, including the classic bar soap, clear liquid soap, hair & body wash, dish liquid, and a mild laundry detergent product called Ivory Snow, are famous around the world for its claim of purity and for floating i the water. Over the years, the brand has been extended to other varieties and products.

5. Aveeno

Aveeno is a skin care and beauty brand in the United States — leaders in innovation among the top 10 soap brands in the world — owned by American consumer goods and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. It claims that the brand only uses high-quality natural ingredients—grown in regions that provide an ideal environment for the plant to thrive and produce beneficial ACTIVE NATURALS® ingredients – to make its wide range of products for skincare, facial cleanse, hair care and baby products etc.

4. Irish Spring

Irish Spring is one of the world’s leading brands for making deodorant soap. As one of the best-selling soap brands owned by the American personal care products giant Colgate-Palmolive, Irish Spring still remains as one of the most popular brands for manufacturing and selling body wash and bar soap across the world.

3. Dial

Dial is a leading personal care product brand owned by the Henkel Corporation, it was the world’s first antibacterial soap introduced to the market in 1953. Today, Dial also produces and sells a wide range of personal care products, including body wash, bar soap, hand soap, liquid hand sanitizer, and lotion.

2. Olay

Olay is one of the world’s largest skin care brands, owned by Procter & Gamble’s (P&G). Today, Olay is the leader in the skincare markets in many countries including the US, UK, and China. Its soap line, known as Beauty Bars, caters to different customer preferences and cosmetic purposes, from cleansing, moisturizing to anti-aging and fragrance.

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1. Dove

Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever, it is also the most popular brand name in the soap markets across over 80 countries in the world. In the USA and the UK – two of the world’s largest soap markets – Dove is also the number one soap brand that are dominating the markets. According to a recent study by the U.S. Census Data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) about 115 million Americans use Dove soap every year, making it one of the most popular soap brands in the world.

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Future Trends of the Global Soap Industry

Constant introduction of innovative new soap and cleaning compound products to satisfy the different consumer needs has become one of the major market trends contributing toward the global soap market growth. For example, the demand for effective and anti-allergic soap products is increasing rapidly over the recent years, as more and more consumers around the world with delicate skin conditions will choose anti-allergy soaps with natural ingredients. Therefore, many world’s largest soap companies and leading soap brands are incessantly focusing on innovative product development to furnish the unmet needs of their consumers.

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