Top 10 Largest Aluminium Producing Countries in the World 2020

largest aluminium producing countries

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Global aluminium production continues to be dominated by the world’s top 10 largest aluminium producing countries in 2018, particularly led by China, Russia, and India. The growing output in the global aluminium market also reflects the strong demand posed by downstream industries, such as automotive, electrical applications, construction, and consumer products etc. As the consumption of aluminium in various of industries still remains high, business opportunities in the world’s top aluminium producing countries are expected to flourish further in the near future. BizVibe helps you instantly connect with the leading aluminium products manufacturers and suppliers in China, India, Bahrain, USA, and Germany.

Aluminium (Al) is one of the lightest and most common metal elements in the world. Some interesting facts about aluminum: studies show that aluminium is the third most abundant element (after oxygen and silicon) in the world, making up about 8% by weight of the Earth’s crust. Several notable advantages, such as being electrically conductive metals and highly resistant, as well as light, strong, and cheap to produce, has made aluminium one of the most in-demand metal materials for various domestic and industrial applications.

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The Global Aluminium Production

According to the latest statistics revealed by the International Aluminium Institute, the global aluminium production totaled around 63.4 million metric tonnes in 2017, representing an increase of nearly 9% from the previous year. China remained the world’s largest aluminium producing country in 2017, with total aluminium production reaching 32.6 million metric tonnes (MMT), accounting for more than half of the global output. Geographically, Asia — thanks to the contribution of China as the world’s largest aluminum producer — tops the list as the largest aluminium producing region with over 36 million metric tonnes (MMT) of primary aluminium produced, followed by GCC region (5.1 MMT); East & Central Europe (4 MMT); North America (3.95 MMT); West Europe (3.8 MMT); and Oceania (1.8 MMT).

In this article, BizVibe takes a comprehensive look at aluminium production by country based on most recent numbers.

Top 10 Largest Aluminium Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country 2019 Production (Thousand Tonnes)
1 China 36,000
2 India 3,700
3 Russia 3,600
4 Canada 2,900
5 UAE 2,700
6 Australia 1,600
7 Bahrain 1,400
8 Norway 1,300
9 U.S. 1,100
10 Iceland 850

Source: USGS

China continues to top the chart of the world’s largest aluminium producing countries. China’s production of aluminium has surged from around 16 million metric tonnes in 2010 to a whopping 36 million metric tonnes 2019, thanks to its booming downstream sectors, particularly the automotive industry and construction industry. In recent years, the Chinese government has been targeting a capacity reduction of up to 4 million tonnes of aluminium as part of “supply-side reform” to tackle chronic overproduction and environment pollution. As a result, up to 30% of the country’s full aluminium output capacity were cut by 2018. Despite the significantly cut on its aluminium production due to environmental concerns over the past two years, China is still the world’s largest producer of aluminium.

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Russia ranked as the world’s second largest aluminium producer with around 3.6 million metric tonnes of aluminium produced, which is much lower than the first place China’s output. The aluminium production in Russia is mostly dominated by RUSAL – one of the world’s largest aluminium producing companies based in Moscow. After the merger between RUSAL and SAUL in 2013 the aluminium production in Russia declined for three consecutive years, when 3.6 million tonnes of aluminium produced in the country.

With around 3.21 million metric tonnes of aluminium produced, Canada was the third largest aluminium producing country in the world. Other largest aluminium producing countries include India, UEA, Australia and Norway. Bahrain, as the world’s 8th largest aluminium producing country, is also the world’s largest aluminium wire supplier, with over US$ 699.6 million worth or equivalent of 688.3 million tonnes of aluminium wire exported to the global market in 2016.

Annually, aluminium production statistics remains pretty consistent. As we head beyond 2018 we expect most of them to the same but expect the ranking to change in the latter half of the list in the future. What do you think this list of the largest aluminium producing countries in the world will look like in 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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