Web Hosting Industry Trends in 2022

Web Hosting Industry

The global web hosting industry is growing rapidly, with high demand from numerous industry sectors. People are working, shopping, and playing online in greater numbers than ever, and the COVID-19 pandemic has given those numbers a significant boost. In 2020 the industry was valued at US$75 billion, and by the next year it had grown by nearly US$10 billion. According to Fortune Business Insights, the web hosting industry will be worth over US$267 billion by 2028. In this large but competitive market, companies need to keep up with the latest web hosting industry trends in order to capture and retain customers.

As technology advances and reliance on the cloud increases, web hosting offerings are changing and evolving. Companies are increasingly adopting AI in order to make their operations more efficient, while governments and consumers are demanding greater sustainability practices from businesses. Consumers are also looking for a greater array of services and strong security offerings. While it may be difficult for a web hosting company to cater to all of these demands, specializing in one or more areas can help attract customers and get ahead of the competition.

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AI in the Web Hosting Industry

Web hosting companies are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient and secure. As AI and machine learning technology become more advanced and accessible, businesses in the industry are finding ways to integrate them into their processes.

One of the ways that AI can be useful is in taking over routine tasks such as monitoring equipment and the data center environment, flagging potential issues before they develop into expensive problems. AI can track and adjust temperature and ventilation, help mitigate fire hazards, monitor security, and even improve energy efficiency. It can also use predictive analytics to optimize server performance.

Another thing AI can do is detect and halt cyber threats, which are a growing concern across the industry. It can learn normal network activity patterns and flag ones that look suspicious, helping to prevent cyberattacks and data breaches, or stop them while they are in progress.

A Focus on Sustainability

Web hosting data centers require a substantial amount of energy in order to keep the server environment cool and stable. And with demand for hosting services continuing to escalate, web hosting companies and data center operators are looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

One way to do so is carbon offsetting — investing in organizations and initiatives that produce renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gases. However, some companies in the web hosting industry are taking a more direct approach by pledging to reduce or eliminate emissions from their operations, or even building their own sources of renewable energy to power their data centers. Google and Amazon are both taking this route, pledging to hit zero emissions in the next decade or two and running their own renewable energy projects.

Multi-Cloud Hosting

Multi-cloud hosting involves distributing documents, software, and other assets across multiple web hosts. By doing so, a business mitigates the risk of server outages or other problems. If there is an issue with one host, the data hosted elsewhere is unaffected, and the assets hosted on the affected server can be moved to another host that the company is already using.

Working with multiple web hosts also allows companies to take advantage of the best features, expertise, and pricing for all of their needs. For example, highly sensitive data can be hosted with a secure but expensive service, while less sensitive materials can be hosted with a service that offers lower prices. The result is a flexible, customizable system tailored to a company’s needs and budget.

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Additional Service Offerings

These days, many website owners and other businesses need and expect services beyond simply hosting content. With a growing number of businesses and individuals opening online storefronts, some web hosting companies are specializing in e-commerce services and support, while some offer training in how to create and maintain a website. Other services can include SEO and marketing, web design and development, and site auditing.

Some businesses in the web hosting industry also offer managed web hosting services for those who don’t want to or are unable to manage a website themselves. These services can include website security and performance optimization, backups, system updates, help desk support, and other features. Managed web hosting is popular with individuals and businesses that don’t have the technical knowledge or time to maintain a site themselves and don’t employ someone in-house.

The Growth of Website Builders

Website builders have become highly popular and widespread in recent years. For those who want an easy and accessible way to create a website, website builders provide an option that doesn’t require much technical knowledge or the budget to pay for managed web hosting services. These companies are proving to be significant competition for traditional web hosting service providers, though they are also capturing part of the market that was not already being served by those businesses. By making website building simple and affordable, these companies are encouraging more people to create websites than ever before.

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