Global Cardboard Box Market: The USA Remains as One of the World’s Largest Cardboard Producer

The global cardboard box market has witnessed growth at a rapid rate recently, benefited significantly from rising manufacturing activity and the rising demand for paper packaging purposes in food, beverage, and consumer products sectors. The recent boom of the e-commerce market around the world has also driven the global cardboard box market to grow further since cardboard boxes are nowadays the most popular packaging method used in the transportation and logistics of goods. The USA has long been one of the world’s leaders in the cardboard box production and exports, many top cardboard box companies in the USA are now also some of the top cardboard box suppliers in the global market.

Cardboard boxes, also known as corrugated boxes, are paper-based containers that are widely used in packaging industry around the world. These paper-based boxes are made from several layers of corrugated paper, which make them flexible, durable, lightweight, biodegradable, recyclable, and most-importantly cost-effective, therefore have become the most common material and form in the global packaging industry. Today, cardboard boxes are used for packaging consumer and industrial products in a variety of industries. These boxes are not only used as shipping containers but are also used as retail-ready packaging boxes by retailers.

The Global Cardboard Box Market Overview

According to a recent report from Mordor Intelligence, the global paper packaging market was valued at USD 64.4 billion and is expected to reach a value of USD 82.4 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of about 4.19% during 2018-2023. The expansion of the online retail market is believed to be one of the primary growth factors to drive the global cardboard box market, while the global food and beverage industry – currently the largest consumer of cardboard boxes and other paper packages – is expected to further increase the usage of cardboard boxes in line with its own industry growth over the near future.

With consumers demanding increased product protection, sustainability, and efficient branding and labeling and the rising competition, effective packaging has become one of the key requirements for businesses in all sectors. The growing demand for better packaging solutions in the retail industry, both online and offline, coupled with the fast shipping services provided by the surging e-commerce market will subsequently drive the usage for efficient packaging, which will further facilitate the growth of global cardboard box market.

Geographically, Asia Pacific accounts for the largest share in the global cardboard box market. China is the leading country on account of high concentration of cardboard box manufacturing sector. The USA is the world’s second largest cardboard box market in terms of cardboard box production and exports. Some of the world’s largest cardboard box manufacturers include Westrock, International Paper Company, Packaging Corporation of America, Amcor Ltd, Mondi Group And Sonoco Corporation, Tetra Pak, Carauster Industries Inc., Clearwater Inc., DS Smith, Sappi Ltd, Evergreen.

The Cardboard Box Market in the USA

The USA has always been one of the largest cardboard box producers and consumers in the world, owing to the large demand in its downstream sectors. The export of cardboard boxes from the USA is also constantly growing. In 2016, the USA exported over $1.2 billion worth of carton boxes to the global market, representing over 18% of the world’s total carton box exports, making it the world’s second largest cardboard box exporter after China. Mexico and Canada are currently the top exporting markets for the USA’s cardboard box.

The cardboard boxes used for food and beverage products accounted for the majority share in the USA’s cardboard box market during 2016 and will continue to dominate the market for the next few years. One of the major factors responsible for the market segment’s growth and the increasing preference for cardboard box packaging in the food and beverage industry is the growing demand for processed food and ready-to-eat products across the country.

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