Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in China (2018)



The pharmaceutical industry in China has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the country over the last two decades. Today, the Chinese pharmaceutical market is worth over $110 billion, and ranked as the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market, after the US. This figure is forecasted to grow dramatically to $167 billion by 2020 and further increase its share in the global market. When it comes to pharmaceutical sales, China’s pharmaceutical industry jumped from $21 billion sales in 2008 to over $50 billion in 2012. By 2017, China’s pharmaceutical sales are expected to hit $80 billion, larger than the pharmaceutical sales of Brazil, Russia and India combined. Several leading pharmaceutical companies are currently dominating the market in China, with surging revenues and a great market over value. The following is a comprehensive list of the top pharmaceutical companies in China.


Here are top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in China, assessed by their annual revenues and market values.


  1. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals


Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd is one of the largest national pharmaceutical group in China. Their business covers pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, distribution and retailing. In 2015, the Company had reportedly the business revenues of RMB 105.5 billion. It also owns over 1,700 drug stores in total. The Company distributes its products in domestic and overseas markets, with East China as its major market.


  1. Sinopharm Group


China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, also known as Sinopharm Group, is one of the largest and State-owned medical and healthcare groups in China. Its core businesses include distribution, retail, scientific research and manufacture of healthcare related products. The Group owns 11 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries and 6 other listed companies in China’s pharmaceutical industry.

With over 55,00o employees, Sinopharm Group made Forbes Global 2000 list of the world’s best employers due to many factors like competitive salaries and a very high income per employee due to stellar sales. Most recent numbers as of 2018 have revenue in terms of sales at $347.49 billion HKD.


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  1. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine


Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd., established in 1970 and headquartered in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, is not only one of the leaders in China’s innovative medicine industry, but also a well-known R&D centre of antineoplastic and surgical medicines in China. Hengrui Medicine is the first Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise that sells domestic injectable products overseas to Europe, US, and Japan.


  1. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical


Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China. Through its subsidiaries, the Company manufactures genetic medicines, Chinese traditional medicines, diagnostic products, and medical instruments, provides technology, marketing, and advertising services, as well as invests in import and export trading. As of 31 December 2016, the Group’s consolidated assets totaled RMB 486.78 billion


  1. Huadong Medicine


Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. operates its pharmaceutical business mainly in medicine manufacturing and trading. It has a wide range of medical products including immunosuppressive preparations, diabetes drugs, drugs for digestive system diseases, blood drugs, drugs for bone injuries and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company also produce medical equipment for domestic and overseas markets.


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  1. Yunnan Baiyao Group


Yunnan Baiyao Group Co.,Ltd is one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine companies originally founded in 1902. The Company’s product portfolio consists of traditional Chinese medicines, including Yunnan Baiyao series and natural herbal medicine series; health care household and personal products, including toothpaste, itching-relieving and smoothing skin care products and others, as well as raw medicinal materials, among others. The Company is also involved in the development and distribution of real estate properties.


  1. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited, founded in 1996, is one of the largest pharma group consists of several pharmaceutical companies, they subsidiaries, manufactures and sells Chinese and western medicines. The group also provides Chinese raw medicines, bio-tech products, medical apparatus, packing materials for pharmaceutical products, and health drinks. It also engages in import and export of medicines.


  1. China Meheco


China Meheco Co., Ltd. is a state-holding company listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange, and its controlling shareholder is China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. It is dedicated to promoting human health and the development of pharmaceutical industry. The company’s business scope covers the whole industry chain, from R&D, cultivation and processing, manufacturing, distribution, logistics to international trading, academic promotion and technical service.


  1. Harbin Pharmaceutical


Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (HPGC) is a state-controlled Sino-foreign equity joint venture, with main businesses including main business segments, which are antibiotics, small-molecular drug preparations, OTC and healthcare products, modern Chinese medicines, biopharmaceuticals, animal vaccines and medicine circulations. The company has now more than 20,000 employees and total assets of 18.5 billion RMB.


  1. Kangmei Pharmaceutical


Kangmei Pharmaceutical, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Puning, Southeast China, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China. It produces and sells a variety of Chinese medicines and chemical drugs. The company also involves in property management, E-commerce, and other businesses.


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Edit: Updated for 2018 to include 2018 financials for the leading pharmaceutical companies in China including revenue, sales and growth figures.



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