How can Sales Acceleration Tools Improve B2B Sales in 2020?

sales acceleration tools

Using some of the world’s top sales acceleration tools to accelerate the speed of the sales process or shorten the sales cycle for B2B sales is often one of the key aspects for salespeople around the world to achieve bigger success. As the rapid development of sales acceleration technology over the recent decades, sales acceleration software is becoming increasingly popular among salespeople in various of industries and markets. The benefits of adopting such acceleration tools are obvious: such as saving time and money as well as increasing efficiency of sales process. Today, sales acceleration tools have become one of the essential parts for businesses to stay up to date and grow in their own fields. Here at BizVibe, we fully understand the struggles and challenges within the B2B sales process, that is why we introduced this sale acceleration tool to scale up your B2B sales.

Top B2B Sales Challenges

So, what is B2B sales? B2B sales is short for business-to-business sales, which refers to the selling and buying process between two businesses. It is distinct from B2C sales, known as business-to-customer sales, where a business sells its products or services to individual customers rather than business buyers.

Due to the nature of business-to-business transactions, B2B sales process is often more complicated and time-consuming, especially when dealing with large transaction values. Some of the top B2B sales challenges today include:

  • Data overload when choosing the right prospects
  • Difficult to stay on trend in the constantly changing buyer market
  • Struggle to reach decision-makers
  • Much longer sales cycle
  • Hard to get sales-accepted leads (SALs)

What are the Sales Acceleration Tools for B2B Sales?

To tackle those B2B sale challenges, using sale acceleration tools has become the best solution. Sales acceleration technology is well known as the essential link between CRM software and marketing automation. It is the technology used to enhance sales activities, and it helps companies to convert marketing leads in sales. It comes in after effective marketing campaigns, which resulted in the lead generation and eventually help organization to increase the velocity of their sales process. Earlier, SaaS-based CRM was one of the tools that was used to abstract the useful insights of customers by running BI software functionalities. 

Over the decades, CRM has been helping B2B companies to increase revenue, but it does not necessarily accelerate the sales process. As the competition is increasing, companies have started to focus more on inside sales. Some of the sales acceleration technologies helps organizations to respond in a lesser time to leads generated over the web, make more numbers of calls in lesser time, and use web and video conferencing to avoid traveling and taking a repetitive sales practice.

Sales acceleration tools is a category of CRM software that’s designed to boost sales by increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of the sales process. Today’s sales acceleration tools or sales acceleration platforms often provide several useful functions such as sales automation, sales prospects selection, sales intelligence management and many more. Therefore, sales acceleration tools can effectively help B2B salespeople identify qualified prospects, connect with them, and drive productivity during the selling process. Sales acceleration software can also inform users about radical shifts in buying behavior and provide prompt guidance for how salespeople can ultimately achieve their sales goals more quickly.

Some of the main types of sales technology include market intelligence tools, list building tools, sales content management, click-to-dial platforms, and email tracking software. While other sales acceleration assisting tools also include coaching tools, configure price quote tools, predictive analytics tools, sales engagement software, sales force automation (SFA) tools, and sales gamification tools.

Why You Should Use Sales Acceleration Tools to Boost B2B Sales in 2020

CRM is not Enough

There was a time when customer relationship management (CRM) tools with sales spreadsheets or prospects lists were essential for all salespeople. But today, with the rapid digital transformation of current business world, CRM’s limited ability to manage significantly large amount of sales data and deliver its promise has shown its weakness. That’s where sales acceleration tools step in as it can bridge the gap between customer data and decision making. Sales acceleration tools can also help salespeople quickly call down CRM lists and connect with more of those leads.

Buyer Market is Constantly Changing

In today’s fast paced world, buying behaviour is changing more radically than ever before, as a result, salespeople have to change the ways they do sales accordingly. It’s increasingly comment today that the buyers are completing more of their buying cycle on their own, and conducting pre-purchase research on the Internet before reaching out to sales. Under such circumstances, salespeople need to be agile enough to reach out to prospects at the right time and through right channel. By using sales acceleration software, salespeople can be assisted by contextual data to have more insightful understanding and adapted response about prospects and their buying preferences, meaning that the salespeople can have far more intelligent sales approach than ever before.

Quick Response is the Key in Sales Process

Always having a real-time insight into every stage of the sales process is extremely important in the constant changing market. Moment-to-moment insight into sales activities and their outcomes allows salespeople to have quick response towards any changes or development in the sales process. Sales acceleration tools that provide sophisticated metrics in real time can effectively help salespeople make intelligent revenue predictions and identify key opportunities during the constantly evolving sales process.

Automation Means Less Labour Required

Sales automation is one of the key features for most of the sales acceleration software. The goal is to streamline manual, tedious, time-consuming tasks in the sales process, so that the salespeople can focus less on admin tasks and more on selling. With sales acceleration tools, most of the administrative and data entry tasks that salespeople do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, can now be done with less time and less labour.

Efficiency Helps to Achieve More Sales

The global market is getting increasingly competitive, while it’s getting harder and harder for sales reps to hit their quota. More and more companies have realised that only relying on the previously proven sales models is not enough, it also need to use right tools. The use of sales acceleration tools can help reps connect with more prospects, automate tedious tasks and have smarter sales conversations etc. Therefore, using sales accelerating tools can not only improve business efficiency, but also have a dramatic impact on sales ROI.

BizVibe, The All-in-One Sales Acceleration Tool for Your B2B Sales

Here at BizVibe, we innovated the modern B2B marketplace to make your B2B sales process faster, smarter and hassle-free. Join today to benefit from a list of designated features to boost your B2B sales, including:

  • Leverage detailed buyer insights and use customized filters to target best-fit prospects.
  • Track your prospects of interests and receive real-time notifications for the latest news of your shortlisted companies.
  • Use API (application programming interface) to access and manage company fields on your application.
  • Receive prospect recommendations that match your ideal customer profile.
  • And many more…

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