Marble Companies in Turkey Enjoying Thriving Exports

The Turkish marble industry has been well recognized around the world as one of the world’s leading suppliers due to its significant states of marble reserves, marble production, and marble exports. Turkey, which has the largest reserves of marble and travertine in the world, also ranks as the 7th largest marble producer and 8th largest marble exporter in the world. With the global demand for marble continues to grow in emerging markets such as China, India, and Japan, marble companies in Turkey is expected to increase its already thriving exports in the near future.


The production of marbles in Turkey could be dated back to four thousand years during the era of Greek civilization, the Roman and the Ottoman Empires. Marble was widely used in building historical statues, monuments, and architectures, especially in the decoration of palaces, temples and other architectural structures by all civilizations of the land. Even today, marble is still considered as one of the most luxurious building materials, therefore still in high demand around the world. Now, Turkey sells its world’s renowned marbles to over 175 countries and generating around US$ 2 billion annually.


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Turkish Marble Industry Analysis


According to a recent report from the MTA (Mineral Research & Exploration General Directorate), Turkey is one of the leading suppliers in the world in terms of marble, travertine, and granite. The overall reserve of marble in Turkey is estimated at 13.9 billion tons (nearly 5.1 billion cubic meters), representing over 36% of the world’s marble reserves. The study shows that with the current demand for marble, Turkey has enough reserves to supply marble for the whole world for the next 80 years, as the capacity of marble that can be processed in Turkey is 3.8 billion cubic meters.


Currently, over 80 different types of marbles are being produced and exported from Turkey. These marble products are available in various colors and designs. Beymelek, Bianco, Bilecik, Bordo, and Bursa are the most popular and exported marble from Turkey. Marble is either exported in block forms or as cut and polished. The export potential of the sector is developing very fast with an increase in investments.


Major Marble Producing Regions in Turkish Marble Industry


There are approximately 1000 functioning marble quarries and more than 7000 workshops and 1500 factories operating in Turkish marble industry. Moreover, around 250.000 employees are working in the sector. Majority of the Turkey’s marble quarries and largest marble producers are based in the regions of Aegean and Marmara: including Balikesir, Afyon, Bilecik, Denizli, Mugla, and Eskisehir. The production in these areas represents 65 % of the whole marble production in the country. In Afyon, there are 355 facilities processing marble and 45 of them are highly integrated large-scale plants. Yearly production in Afyon is estimated to be 6.6 million m²; 14 % of the marble exports from the country is done by companies in Afyon. Marble companies in Turkey have greatly benefitted from preferential conditions, driving the growth of the industry as a whole.


China is the Largest Buyer of Turkish Marbles


Over the years, the volume of Turkey’s marble exports to China has seen a sharp increase; greatly benefitting the leading marble companies in Turkey. As China’s construction industry continues to grow rapidly, there is increasing demand for all kinds of building materials, including marble, which is in high demand for top-tier residential and commercial projects. In 2016, around 60% of the marble bought by China came from Turkey. Some types, such as the Turkish cherry marble, which has replaced the now-extinct Italian marble Rosso Levanto, are in especially high demand by the Chinese due to customer preference.


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