Upholstery Fabric Suppliers in Dubai: Top Technical Textile Source

Upholstery fabric suppliers in Dubai are doing their part to contribute to the fastest growing trade sector after oil and textiles. Dubai is currently the 4th largest textile trading center in the world and growing fast as a world leader in textile manufacturing and trading. This vital industry is creating great profits for The United Arab Emirates’ economy with its industrial output, employment generation, and foreign exchange earnings; it’s also more than just clothing that is fueling the growth. The diversified product portfolio of Dubai’s textile industry is led by technical textiles such as upholstery fabrics, car seats, tents, and curtains.


If you’re searching for upholstery fabric suppliers in Dubai that not only produce quality furniture fabric but also inspire global design trends, then Dubai should be your next supply source. This thriving city in the UAE is becoming a prime textile trading hub, shown through sustained growth in the upholstery fabric market and their place among leaders in the market. There is a lot going on in Dubai’s textile manufacturing industry and wholesale fabric market, and it’s now more important than ever to get connected with leading upholstery fabric suppliers in Dubai.


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Dubai is a Top Fabric and Textile Exporter


Statistics from a study conducted by the Directorate-General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics Kolkata reports that the UAE is the world’s third-largest exporter of textiles, including furniture fabrics, after the U.S (20.38%) and the U.K (8.11%). The UAE represents 7.75% of world trade and exports over $1.623B worth of textiles.


According to Midhat M. Abu Ghazaleh, the CEO of Abughazaleh Trading Company, UAE’s textiles exports reach across 50 countries in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Europe, with major exporting nations including China, South Korea, Japan and Asia. Expanding it further, textile manufacturing companies in UAE are expected to keep growing and performing strong.


Dubai is gaining momentum as a key economic player in the global textiles and upholstery fabric market. They are consistently proving themselves as their activity is revealed in the numbers. Textile production in Dubai increased from $383.5M in 2007 to $448.2M in 2011, generating a 4% CAGR. The entire revenue in 2011 hit $13.2B and recorded an annual cumulative growth of 9.9% from 2006 to 2011. Today the region’s entire textile market is value is $17.5B annually. A big reason for the projected success of the market into the future is due to the success of upholstery fabric shops in Dubai; chief among them are the luxury shops gaining immense popularity and notoriety.


Dubai Textile Village Will Become Newest UAE Free Zone


Since the textiles industry is the UAE’s second-largest market after oil and gas, the Government of Dubai is setting up a free zone to encourage economic development. A free zone is an area where companies are lightly taxed, or not at all. The government is allocating 460,000 square meters and investing nearly $60M in this regional hub for textile manufacturing. The Dubai Textile Village will offer a free zone company formation for investors interested in Dubai’s textiles market. Investments are worth almost $3.26B and growing.


There are 295 showrooms under development that will offer impressive free zone business setups for investors looking to capitalize. International buyers, importer, and investors will find an array of different textile opportunities ranging from clothing applications to technical textiles like furniture fabrics.


Annual SGI Dubai Becomes Anticipated Event Featuring Textile Innovation


Dubai’s annual trade event, SGI Dubai, acts as a platform for industry stakeholders and traders from across the globe to experience innovative solutions for sectors like digital, retail, textile, and screen printing industries. Attendees and investors experience world-class innovations from international and local industry visionaries and leaders. Some of the top upholstery fabric suppliers in Dubai attend. 


SGI Dubai 2018 will have an exclusive textile printing pavilion that introduces new printing technology products. The world’s leading textile entrepreneurs will discover the latest in heat transfer printing, digital textile printing, technical fabrics, textile products for promotional materials and fabric printing. The 21st edition of SGI is January 14th-16th at the Dubai World Trade Centre.


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International Businesses Are Looking At Dubai Upholstery Fabric Suppliers


There is increased interest in the UAE’s textile market from international manufacturers and suppliers because of the UAE’s strategic location as a border market to major production areas. The UAE government also contributes greatly to the remodeling of non-clothing applications, which are growing at 2x the rate of garment textiles.


Automation solutions and textile manufacturing technologies are the leading factors in the development of technical textile manufacturing, that includes home textiles and furniture fabrics. Technological advancements help Dubai’s furniture fabric manufacturers create new and creative products that set global design trends. Dubai’s innovative use of technology will continue to increase productivity and quality, which attracts foreign investors and international companies.


An initiative backed by TEXMAS (Textile Merchants Group), is working on a new international trading platform (ITF). It will help foreign and local traders explore the opportunities of this lucrative market. TEXMAS is a registered body with the Dubai Economic Department and represents over 800 textile traders from the wholesale fabric market in Dubai, including leading upholstery fabric suppliers in Dubai.


Dubai Home Textile Suppliers Play Central Role at Heimtextil 2018


Heimtextil 2018 is an international trade fair for home and contract textiles that welcomes over 3000 global exhibitors. This show covers the entire portfolio of textile interior design, upholstery furniture, and contract furnishings. This four-day experience creates a unique ordering platform, where Dubai is the star of the show.


The Middle East, especially Dubai, continues to be a strong source for the latest in home and contract textiles. Prominent designer, KC Fabrics, will be an important exhibitor at the show. This company makes an international impact with their fabrics and furnishings. They design all of their work and supply home and contract textiles across the globe.

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