The Cement Industry in China: Forecasts and Trends 2018

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China is the largest cement manufacturer in the world, producing close to 60% of global supply. Since 2010, China has been responsible for more than half of the world’s cement manufacturing and in the month of September 2017 alone, the cement industry in China manufactured 221.4 million tons of this vital building material. They produced over 2.62 billion tons of cement from September 2016 to September 2017 — a 5.6% increase from the 2.48 billion tons produced in 2014.  China currently possesses 59.3% of the world’s cement capacity and 56% of global clinker capacity.


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As the demand for cement rises along with the development of construction projects around the globe so does China’s cement prices, and the gross output of the construction industry solely in China hit $2.92 trillion in 2016. In order to keep up with this demand, the annual output volume of China’s cement production increased from 166 million tons in 1986 to 2.4 billion tons in 2016, reaching a CAGR of 9.3% and a YOY of 2.3%.


According to the Global Cement Directory, the cement industry in China is home to 803 integrated cement plants with a combined production capacity of 1.48 billion tons. There are also 15 more cement plants in Taiwan that produce a combined capacity of 28 million tons of cement per year. Official cement statistics released by the Chinese government reports a 2.3% YoY increase to 2.48 billion tons in cement production volumes, which is a 9.5% increase from 2013. Clinker capacity also rose from 1.9 billion tons per year to 2 billion tons per year from 2013 to 2014.


Cement Industry in China Export Statistics


Cement manufacturers in China are also the top cement exporters in the world. They own 9.5% of the global cement export market, exporting $682 million worth of cement in 2016. The top countries China exports cement to include: Bangladesh (17%), the United States (12%), Hong Kong (11%), the Philippine (5.8%) and Kenya (5.9%).


Some barriers make it more difficult to enter the cement industry in China where competition is relatively high and the market concentration rate is quite low. Between 2014 and 2015, major acquisitions gave China’s top 10 cement manufacturers 52% of the market share. The number of new cement producers in China in 2016 topped 3,000, and with cement production’s high energy dependence, high transportation costs and limited sales radius, the cement industry in China is highly fragmented with numerous enterprises.


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The top 20 cement producers in China and Taiwan account for 56.9% of cement production capacity and own 33% of cement plants. The remaining 43.1% capacity belongs to thousands of smaller cement companies, some with capacities as low as 50,000 tons per year.


Future of the Cement Industry in China


China’s cement production by the end of 2017 is expected to reach 21,626,480,000 tons, according to Trading Economics global macroeconomic models and analyst expectations. They also estimate cement production in China to stand at 21,182,770,000 tons per year with the long-term production trend to reach 19,527,820,000 tons by 2020.  


Experts expect the global cement market to grow at a steady CAGR of nearly 8% by 2020. A recent rise in global construction projects, especially prefabricated construction projects, are fueling the growth in the forecasted period. Recent technological advancements in manufacturing and the cement industry’s focus on sustainable practices also aid in the growth of this global market. Many cement manufacturing companies are utilizing nanoparticles for the production of cement as it helps to decrease the level of emissions as well as the use of axial fans to boost manufacturing efficiency. All of these factors will lead to market growth over the next 2 years.


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