The 10 Best B2B MarTech Tools in 2018

Building a B2B MarTech stack takes time and a lot of research. There are over 5,381 MarTech solutions from 4,891 different companies. That represents a 40% growth from 2017, and experts expect the list to keep expanding. With this vast amount of technology available it would be uncommon to not be confused about the best B2B MarTech tools.


The goal is to choose from the 49 different types of software and then pinpoint the perfect application for your business. It’s close to a shot in the dark to get it perfect the first time, which could end up costing you money. To help get you started on building your MarTech stack, BizVibe has collected the 10 best B2B MarTech tools that are the most useful, widely used and easy to integrate marketing technologies available today. We broke these tools down by price to fit all types of audiences. Let’s get started.


10 Best B2B MarTech Tools in 2018


  1. Salesforce


Price: $25-$300 per user monthly

Category: CRM

How this MarTech Tool Helps: Salesforce is the top-rated customer relation management (CRM) software tool available on the market. Its components include the Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud and IoT with over 100,000 customers.This is one of the best B2B MarTech tools and provides its professional clients with an intelligent interface for important functions like case management and task management. It also allows customers to track their own cases and includes social networking plugins that allow for the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites. Salesforce also works as an analytical tool and offers other services including email alert, Google search, and access to customers’ contracts. Many companies have been using SalesForce as a MarTech solutions for decades.


  1. BuiltWith


Price: $295+ monthly

Category: Prospecting and Lead Generation

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: This is one of the best B2B MarTech tools when it comes to discovering web technology trends, generating leads and analyzing market trends. There are many features of this platform; seven alone are to help with lead generation. One cool feature to note is the keyword based lists that BuiltWith describes as the “ability to break down by websites using specific technologies, categories of technologies, locations, traffic ranks and their web technology spend and of course, fully exportable.” Another helpful feature (and it’s free!) for all marketers is the database of more than 250 million websites that displays a comprehensive list of technologies the website employs. This helps marketers better understand how their customers use different technologies and how competitors organize their MarTech stack.


  1. Yesware


Price: $15 – $30 monthly

Category: Sales Automation

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: This multifaceted sales automation tool, nestled right in your inbox, tracks emails, automates sales prospecting, provides email templates, schedules meetings and makes phone calls. With their Touchpoint feature, it’s possible to automate when and how you reach out to prospects. You can set up an email touch pattern, or layer in calls, drip campaigns and social selling techniques to connect with prospects from all angles and ensure everyone gets a follow-up. Another cool feature is email tracking. It allows you to always know what happens to an email after you send it, and when it happens. Know who is opening attachments and visiting links, and how much time they spend on it, without needing to send a read receipt.This tool also integrates well with Salesforce.


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  1. Pardot


Price: $1,000 – $3,000 monthly

Category: Marketing Automation (Content and Experience funnel)

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: One of the most well-known MarTech companies — Pardot is a software developed by SalesForce to enable easy email marketing, smart lead generation, clear lead management, actionable ROI reports and harmonious sales alignment. This tool uses sales data to help you build an insightful and dynamic campaign that creates the exact customer experience you’re aiming for.This B2B MarTech tool also allows users to better understand the customer experience they create by visually mapping out and testing every asset and touchpoint in the campaign. Now it’s simple to find the gaps and fix them prior to launch, leaving you feeling confident of your marketing campaign’s performance.


  1. GoodData


Price: Contact Provider

Category: iPaaS (Data)

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: GoodData brings the power of digital insights from sources like your CRM, ERP, HCM, social sites, any and all current data, Hadoop and more. The platform then transforms and processes the information into business relevant models. With this now usable information, you can create insights, explore the data, make better predictions and recommendations and even integrate the information into insight-driven apps.GoodData also offers additional, industry-specific software for retail, insurance, financial services, and software sectors.


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  1. Ambition


Price: Contact Provider

Category: Performance Management

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: Ambition is a great application for companies wanting to scale productivity and avoid the confusion of integrating a bunch of other apps. As an end-to-end solution for people, teams, and companies, Ambition provides personalized dashboards that track goals and milestones, keeping every employee at every level accountable and performing at their best.This B2B MarTech tool is easy to integrate with Salesforce and tracks all the data to offer a visual performance of sales. The end result is actionable performance insights.


  1. LeadGrabber Pro by eGrabber


Price: $40,000 annually

Category: Lead Generation

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: This tool helps build comprehensive lead lists on one simple platform. Extract contact information like name, job title, email address, company, phone, etc., from online directories, professional networking sites and social media sites with a single click. Even if the business email address and phone numbers are missing, LeadGrabber locates them for you to start prospecting ASAP. LeadGrabber can then export prospect lists to Salesforce, PCRecruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel and Outlook.eGrabber has other tools like eMail Prospector Pro (builds lists for a small market), Daily Researcher (for sale reps to build lists, max 100 leads per day), ListGrabber (captures lists) and more.


  1. Asana


Price: Free – $9.99+ per user per month

Category: Project Management

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: Asana provides a visually appealing dashboard of team projects and tasks. This intelligent B2B MarTech tool gives employees everything they need to stay in sync and hit deadlines. It’s easy to reach your company’s goals with the ability to map out each step of the task and organize the details all in one place. This application also offers real-time feedback on tasks, and the ability to spot holes in a schedule to quickly make adjustments.Asana has the capability of integrating with 100+ other apps including Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Chrome.


  1. 6sense


Price: Contact Provider

Category: Sales/Marketing Alignment

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: 6Sense uses a private network to discover hot leads from businesses in an active buying cycle. This predictive intelligence for account-based marketing and sales helps B2B companies get their product to the right businesses that are actively seeking them. Now it’s possible to build an MQL pipeline and begin the selling process early when a lead is in the active research cycle for your product or service.


  1. Detective by Charlie App


Price: $50-$100 per month per user

Category: Social Selling

How this B2B MarTech Tool Helps: Detective prepares you with intel on your customers and prospective buyers. The tool then makes available all the information on an aesthetically-pleasing platform before you begin cold calls, meetings, outreach and more. Salespeople in your company will be equipped with all the information they need, which also saves resources on research in order to spend more time on selling. Developer statistics predict 2x more cold call conversions from the new wealth of information.


How to Use These B2B MarTech Tools


Sometimes you need more than one tool (and maybe even 5 or 10) for each category (which all haven’t been listed) in order to efficiently complete that job. If any of these B2B MarTech tools pique your interest then go check them out and do your own research to see what other exciting tools can complement them. There are also prebuilt B2B MarTech stacks to help you generate more ideas if you’re dedicated to building your own MarTech stack. How do you plan on using these MarTech platforms in 2018? 






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