Bangladesh Emerges as Leading Denim Manufacturing Hub in the World

The denim manufacturing industry in Bangladesh is becoming one of the largest in the world, attracting an increasing number of international brands who are sourcing and manufacturing their denim products in the country. Today, over 400 textile and apparel manufactures in Bangladesh are exporting a total of 180 million pieces of denim jeans to the global market every year. The booming of Bangladesh’s denim industry is mainly driven by its large manufacture capacity and low production cost.


According to the data from Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), Bangladesh exports over USD 2 billion worth of denim products to the global market every year. Due to the increasing demand of denim fabrics both domestically and internationally, Bangladesh aims to further strengthen its leading position in the global denim market, and is hoping to increase its market share from current 7% to 10.8% by 2021.


To achieve that goal, Bangladesh has made lots of effort to develop its infrastructure and attract foreign investment. Over the recent years, an increasing number of foreign investors have come up with their investment in Bangladesh’s textile and denim manufacturing industry. Bangladesh’s government suggests that now is the time to invest in Bangladesh’s denim industry as the country is increasingly becoming a lucrative place of sourcing denim products for global markets, claiming that by 2021 Bangladesh’s denim exports will reach USD 7 billion.


Bangladesh is now already the largest denim supplier in the EU market with market share of 23%, and the third largest denim exporter to the US, after Mexico and China, with an 11.3% share. While the total the investment in Bangladesh’s denim sector has surpassed USD 900 million since 2015. Many major international brands such as H&M, Uniqlo, Levi’s, Nike, Tesco, Wrangler, Hugo Boss, Puma, Primark, and JC Penney are now manufacturing or importing denim products from Bangladesh.


Apart from the increasing growth of Bangladesh’s denim exports to the existing major markets, such as the EU and the US, over recent years, shipments to new markets, including China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Russia are also increasing.


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