5 New Textile Startups Making Waves in the Industry

There are a multitude of textile businesses established globally every year. Many of them are extremely innovative in terms of technology, technique, or style. Some fill a need that has been neglected by larger organizations, and others are working to make the textile industry more sustainable. It can be easy to overlook small businesses working in the shadow of brand-name giants, but many of these companies are making an impact on the world of clothing and textiles. Here are a few of our favorite new textile startups.


EHO Textiles

EHO Textiles is a new company founded by the Riga Technical University and registered in Finland. It recently won an award for most promising startup at the Finnish Upgraded Life Festival thanks to its innovative smart garments. The company is developing wearables for people with movement disabilities, as well as for athletes and others who want to monitor their bodies. The garments have pressure and tension sensors embedded in the fabric that can detect motion and improve exercise and rehabilitation processes.


Wear Your Label

This clothing company was founded by two Canadians with the goal of helping to remove the stigma around mental illness. It produces products with inspirational text such as “it’s okay to not be okay” and “your body is not the enemy.” Its founders want to focus not only on mental illness, which affects 1 in 5 Canadians, but on mental health in general, which affects everyone. Wear Your Label was recently accepted into the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation, an incubator for Canadian fashion-inspired businesses.



This New York startup was formed with the goal of reducing textile waste in the city. Between residents and businesses, millions of tons of textiles are thrown away every year. While there is a law in place mandating that companies find a recycling solution if their waste is over 10% textiles, this law is generally not enforced. In order to help reduce this waste, FABSCRAP offers convenient pickup for businesses, recycling and reusing the fabric and helping promote sustainability.


We Are Spindye

We are SpinDye has created a new process for dyeing synthetic fibers that reduces waste water pollution without sacrificing the quality or color of the dyed fabric. The Swedish company has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection, reducing or eliminating waste wherever possible. Its process minimizes not only waste water, but also garbage and chemicals. While it is not the first company to come up with water-free dyeing technology, the company does not need the same large machines and other resources that other companies do, making its processes more efficient.



It can be a challenge for Muslim women to find clothing that suits their needs. To help overcome this, two sisters from the UK started an online platform to curate clothing from popular brands. The community has grown to include over 250,000 Muslim women since it began as an Instagram page in 2015. Aside from the clothing collection, it has also become a place for these women to share their experiences and advice.


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