How BizVibe Can Help You Tackle the Top Challenges in the Global Textile Supply Chain

global textile supply chain

The supply chain in the global textiles and apparel industry is such a large and complex process that normally involves different businesses located in different countries. Challenges and issues are potentially faced in almost every stage of this process, from searching for suppliers/buyers/partners, to building up a great business network and eventually converting leads into sales. But with the help of B2B e-commerce platforms, all business processes in the global textile supply chain might just be as smooth as silk for all parties.


Introduction of global textile supply chain




From raw fibre to finished textile and apparel products, the supply chain of the global textile and apparel industry can either be vertically operated, where the entire process is undertaken by the same company, or it can be horizontal, where companies specialize in one particular aspect of production. For example, textile companies may send undyed fabric to dyeing companies, who dye the fabric and return it to the senders. The finished fabric is then bought by apparel manufacturers, who process the cloth into apparel before sale to the trader, wholesaler or retailers. The process from start-to-finish can take an enormous amount of time and resources, putting an increased emphasis on the importance of identifying challenges and create solutions in this diverse and complex supply chain.


Challenges in global textile supply chain

Today’s textile supply chain management is all about finding the most efficient solution for cost, quality, availability and environmental and social aspects. The textile and clothing supply chain is currently becoming more global, with many companies either sourcing components from overseas, or moving manufacturing to countries with lower labour costs. This is resulting in new challenges in the global textile supply chain, including:


Long procurement time


In a traditional textile and apparel industry, whether it’s raw material suppliers searching for buyers, or apparel manufactures looking for retailers, procurement processes take a much longer time. Retailers often end up out of stock, delayed or overstocked, since market trends are changing far faster than their procurement time.


Inefficiency of textile supply chain


Apparel and textile companies are facing hurdles of inefficiency in carrying out various processes involved from building connections, sending/receiving RFPs, manufacturing, dispatching, and payment procedures. Traditionally, this process can get extended up to a year longer. In fact, production only accounts for around 10% to 20% of the total time of the textile supply chain, the rest of the time is taken for the information processing from one end to the other.


Lack of information sharing


Proper flow of information among textile supply chain members is crucial. As such, the flow of information can influence the performance of overall supply chain operations. This information includes data about customers and their demand, inventory status, production and promotion plan, shipment schedules, and payment details.


Lack of online presence


As textile businesses go global, opportunity increases, however, fierce competition also arises. With an increasing number of competitors fighting for a greater share of global market, it is vital to maintain a good online presence. The more easily your business can be found online, the more business opportunities you will have.


How BizVibe can help to improve the textile supply chain 


E-commerce technologies for assisting textile supply chain management have officially arrived and are perceived as the best solutions for improving the efficiency of sourcing operations, procurement and information flow, and communication.


BizVibe is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that provides fabric and textiles professionals with a seamless, efficient and easy-to-use service for finding and connecting with other businesses and creating virtual communities for better supply chain management.


Using cutting edge technology and advanced match-making algorithms, BizVibe developed an efficient searching tool dedicated to buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, and suppliers, helping them connect, engage and make business deals accurately and quickly.


BizVibe’s on-site tools, like their real-time chat and newsfeed features, allow textile businesses to keep a constant flow of information. Whether it’s company profiles, product catalogues, contact details, or market trends, businesses can always stay up to date with the latest news in the textile and fabric world.


As the home of over 50,000 apparel and textile companies across more than 190 countries, BizVibe is a great source for generating high quality organic traffic in the global market. All you need to do is claim your company profile for free and let the business come to you.

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