Indonesia’s Textile Sales Grow with the Help of E-commerce

While the textile and apparel industry in Indonesia continues to grow with the exports of textile products achieving new success, the textile sales in the country is also estimated to have a bigger leap forward this year, thanks to the increasing application of new technology and sales channels.


Over the recent years, Indonesia’s textile and apparel market has witnessed a strong growth of sales through E-commerce. With more and more textile companies adopting this newly technology based system, Indonesia’s textile sales is likely to rise 10% in 2017, compared to only 2.2% growth last year, according to CEO of Tekstile One Indonesia, Desy Natalia Soeteja.


This optimistic sales projection reveals the fact that Indonesia’s textile market is enjoying the growth with help of advancing technology. The increasing number of textile companies in the country and abroad already utilize e-commerce and online sales to penetrate the market.


She also said that the government’s policy restricting textile imports forced retailers to enter the market through E-commerce. In April 2017, they will launch an e-commerce service in Bandung, as fabric suppliers from China, Vietnam and India no longer pose a threat to Indonesian textiles producers.


In Indonesia, it is difficult for buyers to find imported goods due to the ban on the import of fabrics, therefore drives consumers in the country to buy domestic products using the e-commerce platform. A number of regional administrations, including East Java, provided strong support to accelerate the development of the industry.


According to the Secretary General of the Synthetic Manufacturers Association of Indonesia (Apsyfi), Redma Wirawasta, Indonesia’s total textile consumption reached 1.86 million tons in 2016, while the sales volume of domestic textile products reached 1.4 million tons and the import volume reached 151,000 tons last year.


Indonesia has strong potential when it comes to E-commerce. TechCrunch has reported that the E-commerce market in Indonesia is projected to reach US$130 billion by 2020, making this archipelago nation the third-largest E-commence market in Asia, behind China and India. With an increasing middle class and growing number of internet users, combined with improving infrastructure, E-commerce sales in Indonesia are expected to further expand in the coming years.


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