Textile Exports in Indonesia are Growing

Indonesia’s textile and textile product exports are growing. In January and February of this year, they were valued at USD 2 billion—a 3% increase from their value during the same period last year. If textile exports continue to grow at the same rate throughout the rest of 2017, they are expected to easily beat last year’s total.


In 2016, total exports in Indonesia’s textile industry reached USD 11.87 billion, with investment in the industry totalling over USD 500 million. There is high demand for speciality products such as Indonesian batik cloth and other traditional or cultural Indonesian fabrics. Indonesia’s top export partners for clothing and textiles are the United States, Japan, Turkey, China, and Germany. Textile manufacturers—especially those in the Central Java region—are reportedly also eyeing more Middle Eastern countries as new textile exports destinations as demand for Indonesian textiles from the region increases.


The textile industry in Indonesia employs approximately 3 million people—roughly 17% of the country’s total workforce—and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. Indonesia is one of the largest textile and apparel producers in the ASEAN region. Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry is working to establish trade and cooperation agreements with the United States and Europe, which would provide Indonesia with better tariffs, reduce trade barriers, and would increase Indonesia’s overall competitiveness globally. The Indonesian government is also trying to improve the general prospects for its textile industry by issuing new economic policy packages and introducing new machines, equipment, and technologies.


Indonesia’s recent textile expo, held in Jakarta from April 19 to April 21, is also expected to boost the industry and help to increase exports. The 15th Indonesian International Textile and Garment Machinery and Accessories Exhibition (Indo Intertex) this year adopted the theme of “Productivity for Sustainability” and offered attendees from across the world the opportunity to connect with Indonesian manufacturers and suppliers. The expo placed special focus on developments in textile industry sustainability, including new technological innovations, digital printing textile machines, vendors of raw materials, and waste processing technologies.
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