New Textile Technology Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles into Yarn

Fast-developing textile technology never ceases to amaze the world. As it is challenging to deal with billions and billions of discarded plastic bottles every year, textile researchers have just discovered a great solution to make Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF yarn) from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.


The latest textile technology breakthrough comes from Swiss fibre spinning company Trützschler, in partnership with leading plastic recycling solution provider EREMA. Together, they have developed a one-step system for pre-processing and spinning polyester flakes into Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF yarn) for carpet applications.


According to Trützschler and EREMA, this technology allows for the production of distinct BCF yarns with high efficiency, excellent process stability and low transformation costs, fulfilling market requirements when using 100% recycled PET flakes or mixtures of flakes with other material. Using PET fibres for carpet applications has a number advantages including high stain resistance and an easier spin and dye process.


EREMA-Trützschler system


The new solution is based on EREMA’s VACUREMA technology with Trützschler Switzerland’s symTTex BCF machinery. Recycled PET flakes are processed in EREMA’s vacuum reactor, melted in the extruder and forced through the filter of variable fineness, then the process continues in the Trützschler spinning system where filaments are formed and winded onto bobbins.


Recycling of PET waste and the issue of sustainability in the textile industry have become of increasing concern around the world for both environmental and monetary reasons. Recovered secondary raw material, such as PET bottle flakes, has become an increasingly popular trend in both the global plastic industry and the fibre & textile industry.


On the other side of the world, Rothy’s, a California-based footwear and apparel company also developed a method to make shoes using recycled plastic bottles. These shoes, made from PET filament fibre, are fully recyclable—they won’t sit in a landfill when the wearer is done with them. They can be sent directly back to the company, which has established a recycling program to eliminate improper disposal and needless waste.


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