Vietnam’s Top 10 Textile Manufacturers

Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry is one of the most important contributors to its economy, and its export value is continuously growing: in 2015, textile exports to the US grew by more than 11% to USD 10.9 billion. Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry is competitive and diverse with a growing number of companies and skilled workers. Here’s our list of the top 10 textile companies in the textile industry in Vietnam:


1.Kyungbang Vietnam Co., Ltd: Based in Binh Duong New City, Vietnam, and founded in 2008, the company manufactures and sells cotton yarns, fibres, and threads. It is a major importer of cotton from the US and Australia, and has invested over USD 40 million in investment capital for the improvement and development of its production facilities.


2. PetroVietnam Petrochemical and Textile Fibre Joint Stock Company: Since its inception in 2007, the company has put a heavy focus on polyester fibre, including the construction of polyester fibre plants. The company manufactures and trades polyester fibre, and also offers chemicals and other services. It operates as a subsidiary of PetroVietnam, which is owned by the Vietnamese central government and is responsible for all of Vietnam’s oil and gas resources.


3. Hoa Tho Textile and Garment JSC: Founded in 1962, Hoa Tho has provided services and produced textiles for brands including Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis Portfolio. The company produces roughly 1,900,000 pieces of clothing and textiles on an annual basis with a force of almost 8,000 employees. Hoa Tho’s primary specialties are work wear and dress pants.


4. Tan Nam Trung Commercial Manufacturing Service Co., Ltd: Since its establishment in 2009, the company has specialized in producing high-quality yarns for a variety of purposes and end-uses. It primarily serves customers in the Vietnamese and other Asian markets, but does do business with customers in other regions of the world as well. The company also focuses on quality and innovation in the machinery and technologies used to make its products.


5. Hantex: Hantex specializes in cotton yarns and fibres, and is currently ranked as one of Vietnam’s top three spinning companies. The company sells roughly 20% of its products to the domestic market, and also does extensive business with companies around the globe. Hantex has a production capacity of almost 2,500 tons of product monthly.


6. TNG Investment and Trading JSC: Established in 1979, TNG is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of textile goods and textile manufacturing materials with a focus on outwear (jackets, nylon raincoats, and coats) as well as casual wear (shorts, t-shirts, and trousers).


7. DOTIHUTEX Co., Ltd: Established in 1993, the company has become one of the leading textile manufacturers in Vietnam that specializes in spinning and chemical yarns. It has established business domestically, in Western Europe, and in Southeast Asia.


8. Hue Textile Garment Joint Stock Company: A member of Vietnam National Garment Textile Group, the company specializes in yarn, knitting, textiles, and materials and machinery for textile and garment production. Also known as Huegatex, the company has a significant presence in the domestic and global markets and exports many of its products to the US.


9. Mirae JSC: The company focuses on the manufacturing and trading of raw textile materials, as well as the manufacturing of bedding, mattresses, and garment machinery. Established in 2001, the company was converted into a joint stock company in mid-2007.


10. DONG Hung Group: The company focuses on the production, manufacturing, and export of footwear for the domestic and international markets and is one of Vietnam’s leading shoe manufacturers.


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