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Current State of Top 10 Vending Machine Companies in the World

The global vending machine market size is currently valued at USD 30.3 billion, led by the top 10 vending machine companies in the world in 2020. Trends shaping the industry include the growing demand for on-the-go snacks and drinks due to hectic lifestyles, where everything fast is in high-demand. This fact sheet will breakdown who the top 10 vending machine companies in the world currently are and also dive into additional vending machine brands performing well in the market in 2020 in terms of sales and at a B2B level. The top vending machine company in the world is  Azkoyen Group — the company ranks number 1 on our list of the top 10 vending machine companies. The top 3 is then rounded out by R.S. Hughes Co., Inc., and Crane Merchandising Systems.


  • Just how much is the vending machine industry worth?
  • How much does the average person spend on vending machines a year?
  • What are the top 10 vending machine companies in the world?
  • Aside from the top 10, what are the top vending machine brands in the world?
  • Is the vending machine business profitable?

Vending Machine Industry Stats and Trends

  • The global vending machine market size is currently valued at USD 30.3 billion.
  • The global vending machine market is expected to register a CAGR of 9.4% by 2025.
  • The primary factor increasing growth and product sales is the growing demand for on-the-go snacks and drinks due to busy lifestyles.
  • Technological innovations, such as face and voice recognition, interactive display system, and big data integration, making the product easier and more convenient to use will also have a positive impact on the demand.
  • Americans spend about $27 per person per year on items from vending machines and the average transaction is around $1.75.
  • There are about 15 million vending machines worldwide and many of the vending operators are now considering adding connectivity.
  • There are millions of vending machines being operated throughout the world, that’s because the business is very profitable with the right connections.
  • By revenue, Mars, Incorporated is the largest vending machine brand in the world, generating USD 37 billion last year.


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Top 10 Vending Machine Companies in the World 2020

Which companies are leading the way for the top 10 vending machine companies in the world?  This is BizVibe’s complete list of the top 10 vending machine brands in 2020. These are the companies you should be connecting with to buy and sell vending machines.



Vending Machine Company



1Azkoyen Group USD 161.33 millionNavarre, Spain
2R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.USD 348.5 millionSunnyvale, California, USA
3Crane Merchandising SystemsUSD 200 millionWilliston, South Carolina, USA
4Fuji ElectricUSD 1.54 billionShinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan
5GLORYUSD 224 millionHimeji, Hyogo, Japan
6Sanden CorporationUSD 2.57 billionIsesaki, Gunma, Japan
7Wurth Industry North AmericaUSD 7.7 billionBrooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA
8Diebold NixdorfUSD 4.58 billionNorth Canton, Ohio, USA
9Mars, IncorporatedUSD 37 billionMcLean, Virginia, USA
10Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc.USD 63.6 millionBaltimore, Maryland, USA

1.    Azkoyen Group


Which company ranks number 1 on our list of the top 10 vending machine companies in the world list? Azkoyen Group ranks number 1 on this list of the top vending machine brands. Azkoyen Group is a Spanish multinational company specialized in the design, manufacture, and marketing of advanced technology solutions.  Azkoyen Group offers vending machines for offices and businesses such as the Excel vending machine — which can make a liter and a half of coffee in 15 seconds. Other vending machine products from Axkoyen Group include Vitro, Zensia, Zintro, Zen, and Novara. Additionally, the company also offers vending machines for medium offices, factories, and waiting rooms.


  • Founded: 1945
  • Azkoyen Group Revenue: USD 161.33 million
  • Azkoyen Group Headquarters: Navarre, Spain



2.    R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.


Ranking 2nd on this list of the biggest vending machine companies in the world is R.S. Hughes Co., Inc., a North American distributor of industrial supplies including vending machines. R.S. Hughes Co. has 50+ warehouse sites in the United States and Mexico. Founded in 1954 the company maintains an extensive array of products produced by ISO 9001:2008 registered companies. R.S. Hughes Company features a huge selection of industrial supplies including electronic vending dispensers from brands like NuTrend.


  • Founded: 1954
  • S. Hughes Co., Inc., Revenue: USD 348.5 million
  • S. Hughes Co., Inc., Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA


3.    Crane Merchandising Systems


Ranking 3rd on this list of the top 10 largest vending machine brands is Crane Merchandising Systems, a leading global manufacturer of innovative solutions for vending machines, cashless systems, software, and wireless communications. With a rich history spanning more than 80 years, the Crane Merchandising Systems name has become synonymous with vending durability and reliability. Crane Merchandising Systems caters to B2B segments worldwide by offering vending machines, payment, and cashless systems, enterprise system software or connectivity solutions, and provides it all in an integrated way that maximizes investment.


  • Founded: 1926
  • Crane Merchandising Systems Revenue: USD 200 million
  • Crane Merchandising Systems Headquarters: Williston, South Carolina, USA




4.    Fuji Electric


Ranking 4th on this list of the top 10 vending machine companies in the world in 2020 is Fuji Electric, a leading vending machine manufacturer operating out of Japan. Fuji Electric offers vending machines for amusement facilities, sports and concert places, stations and airports, and public facilities. Fuji Electric manufactures and sells many types of vending machines including Glass Front Vending Machines and one of its most popular vending machines today is its face mask vending machines as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Founded: 1926
  • Fuji Electric Revenue: USD 1.54 billion
  • Fuji Electric Headquarters: Shinagawa City, Tokyo, Japan



5.    GLORY


Ranking 5th on this list of top vending machine manufacturers is GLORY, a leading Japanese manufacturer of a variety of products built on its leading-edge recognition/identification and mechatronics technology, such as cash handling machines, cash management systems, vending machines, and automatic service equipment. GLORY was founded in 1918, with headquarters in Hyogo, Japan.


  • Founded: 1926
  • GLORY Revenue: USD 200 million
  • GLORY Headquarters: Himeji, Hyogo, Japan



6.    Sanden Corporation


Ranking 6th on this list of the top 10 vending machine companies in the world is Sanden Corporation, a Japanese, Isesaki, Gunma-based automotive equipment, and electrical equipment manufacturing company and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1961, Sanden Corporation started with the production of juice vending machines and is known currently for manufacturing and supplying vending machines for various merchandise (including cold beverages, milk beverages, coffee, tea, flex vendors, ice-cream, cup-noodles).


  • Founded: 1943
  • Sanden Corporation Revenue: USD 2.57 billion
  • Sanden Corporation Headquarters: Isesaki, Gunma, Japan



7.    Wurth Industry North America


Wurth Industry North America with an estimated revenue of USD 7.7 Billion is one of the largest on this list of top vending machine brands. Wurth Industry North America offers industrial vending solutions companies where buyers get customized and secure, point-of-use inventory management for your industrial supplies gives you total traceability–increasing productivity and reducing cost. Popular vending machine items provide supplied by Wurth Industry North America include safety glasses, hearing protection (earplugs), hand protection (various gloves), batteries, respirators, tape (masking, electrical, etc.), coated and non-woven abrasives, drill bits, lubricants, penetrants & corrosion inhibitors, paints, marking & accessories, thread locking chemicals, cable ties & accessories, knives, razors & multi-tools, tape measures, cutting & metalworking fluids, and flashlights.


  • Founded: 1945
  • Wurth Industry North America Revenue: USD 7.7 billion
  • Wurth Industry North America Headquarters: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA



8.    Diebold Nixdorf


Diebold Nixdorf ranks 8th on this list of the top 10 vending machine companies in the world. Diebold Nixdorf is an American multinational financial and retail technology company[7] that specializes in the sale, manufacture, installation, and service of self-service transaction systems (such as ATMs and currency processing systems), point-of-sale terminals, physical security products, and software and related services for global financial, retail, and commercial markets. In the vending machines segment, Diebold Nixdorf specializes in automated dispensers such as movie vending machines, airline ticket vending machines, and credit-card activated gas pumps.


  • Founded: 1859
  • Diebold Nixdorf Revenue: USD 4.58 billion
  • Diebold Nixdorf Headquarters: North Canton, Ohio, USA



9.    Mars, Incorporated


Overall the largest company on this list in terms of revenue, Mars, Incorporated generated USD 37 billion last year. Not just a leading vending machine brand, Mars, Incorporated is an American multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services. Mars Drinks UK, the beverages division of Mars Limited, operates from Basingstoke in Hampshire and specializes in office vending machines. Mars Drinks UK comprises the FLAVIA and KLIX brands which offer branded drinks such as the Starburst Orange Drink, the Maltesers Hot Chocolate, and the Galaxy drinks.


  • Founded: 1911
  • Mars, Incorporated Revenue: USD 37 billion
  • Mars, Incorporated Headquarters: McLean, Virginia, USA



10.  Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc.


Rounding out BizVibe’s list of the top 10 vending machine companies in the world is Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc. Cardinal Distributing Co., Inc. is one of the largest suppliers to the bulk vending trade. Cardinal Distributing Co., Inc. distributes gum, candy, toys, machines, filled capsules, or empty capsules, all at discounted prices.


  • Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc. Revenue: USD 63.6 billion
  • Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc. Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, USA



This is BizVibe’s list of the top 10 vending machine companies in the world in 2020. There are some of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of the vending machine and the top vending machine brands you should be connecting with. On BizVibe, you can message these companies directly. Try it for free.


Reach out to the top 10 vending machine companies on this list

13 More of the Top Vending Machine Brands in the USA

Here is a list of 13 more vending machine brands you can connect within the USA as a buyer or supplier. These companies didn’t make the list of the top 10 vending machine companies listed above but these 13 companies are making just many strides meeting the demand for vending machines. Check them out on BizVibe.


Vending Machine Brand


Apex Supply Chain TechnologiesOhio, USA
Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc.New York, USA
Betson EnterprisesNew Jersey, USA
CanteenNorth Carolina, USA
Aramark RefreshmentsPennsylvania, USA
Champion Vending USANew York, USA
Five Star Food ServiceTennessee, USA
AVI Foodsystems, IncOhio, USA
First Class VendingCalifornia, USA
Fresh Healthy VendingCalifornia, USA
H.U.M.A.N.California, USA
Vending SolutionsSeattle, USA
National VendingIowa, USA

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