Top Sales Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Sales Enablement in 2020

top sales intelligence tools

The modern sales process could often be complicated and time-consuming as it normally involves with different decision-making personnel and conflicting priorities. That’s why more and more sales teams across various of industries have started to adopt sales intelligence tools or sales intelligence software to help them identify suitable buyers, build more efficient sales cycles and create faster revenue generations. Sales intelligence solutions based on data driven vertical are nowadays becoming one of the most effective sales enablement practices to facilitate the sales process for any businesses around the world. Here at BizVibe – a world’s leading B2B marketplace offering powerful selling and buying solutions for businesses across the globe, we have listed top 10 best sales intelligence tools in the market to transform your sales process to the next level.

What is Sales Intelligence?

It has become a common practice in modern business world that every decision made by sales teams or sales leaderships is come from a variety of data generation, data management and data analytics. Such data driven vertical helps sales teams come up with key strategies and decisions, such as who are the valuable and potential buyers, or when and how to reach out so on. These technological applications for collecting, processing, integrating and analysing information to help salespeople get insights into their prospects and potential clients’ needs are referred as sales intelligence.

Sales intelligence solutions cover wide range of sales information and data sets, such as leads generation, company tracking, purchase history, current contracts, business objectives, even digital body language. Sales intelligence can also apply to the data surrounding the pipeline stages and follow-up activities during the sale processes.

Today, more and more companies are using sales intelligence tools to manage and analyse sales data, so that they can improve the quality and quantity of their sales leads as well as identify new sales opportunities with more effective sales strategies.

Benefits of Using Sales Intelligence Tools

Increased efficiency

Sales intelligence tools allows salespeople track leads through the pipeline and prioritize follow-ups based on sales stage or level of qualification; therefore, it helps to save time when identifying the most valuable and most promising deals.

More effective follow-ups

Sales intelligence tools provide the contextual and behavioral data for salespeople to better prepare for initial meetings and personalize the reach-outs. That means the follow-ups and subsequent consultations will be more effective and rewarding for both sides.

Shortened sales cycle:

Sales intelligence tools can separate the general inquiries from the valuable marketing-qualified leads (MQLs); and identify ready-to-buy sales opportunities from vast amount of pending leads. With such sales intelligence solutions, salespeople can straight away target on the right buyers to close deals without wasting any time.

Better decision-making:

Where it requires data analysis for better decision-making, sales intelligence tools can also provide insights that are essential for salespeople to make well-informed decisions during the sales process. Such assistance for better decision-making offered by sales intelligence tools often leads to higher revenue generation.

Top Sales Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Sales Enablement in 2020


Vainu is one of the top sales intelligence tools that is designed to help salespeople to shorten every step of the sales process by providing them with actionable company information. Vainu is powered by technology to collect, read and understand all company information, and make this easily consumable for the salesperson to find valuable prospects, identify future customers, get more qualified lead, and prospect for successful B2B Sales.


Apollo is a popular sales engagement acceleration platform offering a database of 200+ million contacts with a built-in fully customizable scoring engine, full sales engagement stack, native account playbook builder, and an impressive custom deep analytics suite.


Clearbit is a marketing data enablement tool for customer interactions. It allows sales marketing persons to have a better understanding of their customers on a deeper level, so they can identify better future prospects, and personalize every single marketing and sales tasks to target their customers.


Crystal helps salespeople adapt their messaging based on buyer’s data, which can be abstracted from email discussions and public social media profiles. The solution uses behavior assessment that relies on four primary personality types: dominant, influential, steady, and calculating.  


BizVibe is an all-in-one sales intelligence tools designed for boosting B2B sales. BizVibe offers smart solutions for salespeople to leverage detailed buyer insights and use customized filters to target best-fit prospects, track prospects of interests and receive real-time notifications for the shortlisted companies. It also allows API (application programming interface) to access and manage company fields.

D&B Hoover

D&B Hoover offers one of the largest company databases including over 100 million people and 200 million company profiles. Delivered through its cloud service, D&B Hoovers’ data and insights can help salespeople to accelerate revenue, manage risk, and lower cost in a more effective way.


DiscoverOrg collects most of its data by getting primary sources from interviewing and researching companies. The tool includes organizational charts and information about new projects and initiative. The solution is especially useful for sales teams targeting IT departments.


InsideView’s describe itself as a modern company database that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In addition to basic company and people data, InsideView also provides relevant news mentions and social media feeds of companies.


Leadfeeder is another one of the sales intelligence tools that helps companies understand more about their anonymous website visitors so that they can convert promising visitors into sales leads. Leadfeeder offers analyse about who visits your website, how they found you, and what they’re interested in.


Owler is community-based business information and insights platform. Owler provides salespeople with real-time news, alerts, and insights to help them close more business and stay on top of their competitor’s moves.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid premium sales intelligence tool. Sales Navigator makes it easy to build prospect lists based on decision makers’ job titles and responsibilities. Users can also monitor relevant discussions, allowing salespeople to find more meaningful ways to engage with both existing and new contacts.

How to Choose the Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Your Sales Enablement Tasks

While the potential value of adopting sales intelligence solutions in your sales process is huge, it’s not always easy to find the right and the best sales intelligence tools for your specific needs. BizVibe would like to share some tips on how to choose the best sales intelligence tools based on four major types of the sales enablement tasks: data enrichment, sales reporting and forecasting, pipeline management, and behavioral analysis.

Data Enrichment

As lead generation becomes an essential starting point for all sales processes, the CRM database quickly became the most important tool for B2B sales. A number of sales intelligence software now offer services designed to help you clean or supplement your lead data or add new contacts entirely. The focus of such sales task is always on your sales database. The benefit of adopting data enrichment sales intelligence platforms is that you can cut down on wasted sales efforts by targeting buyers with the highest potential and purging unqualified, unmatched leads from your programs.

Other sales enablement tasks such as list building, data verification, data cleansing, and lead generation can be also easily executed by many data enrichment sales intelligence solutions

Recommended sales intelligence tools for data enrichment: Experian, Netprospex, Reachforce, Datanyze

Sales Reporting and Forecasting

Today, many sales intelligence software companies offer products dedicated dashboards and analytical tools for sales use, while other platforms allow monitoring and reporting on sales data. The sales enablement tasks, such as data import/export, CRM integration, Sales forecasting, Predictive modeling/analytics, performance management, pre-built reports, custom reporting, have less focus on client/prospect-level data and more on high-level insights that support decision-making, therefore it’s better to choose sales reporting and forecasting designated sales intelligence tools

Recommended sales intelligence tools for sales reporting: Tableau, SAS, Sisense, Domo, Spotfire

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management is aimed to keep your sales team stay organized, efficient, and prioritize development activities based on the unique characteristics of each lead. The key for executing these tasks is on improving the sales process through insight and automation. With similar tasks such as Sales activity management, Lead tracking, Goal setting, Timelines, Task management and scheduling, Reports and dashboards, Email integration, and CRM integration, it’s better to choose the sales intelligence tools with customized reporting and automation features.

Recommended sales intelligence tools for pipeline management: InsightSquared, Pipeliner,

Behavioral Analytics

The client and lead-level analytics, including tracking the actions of specific customers, leads, and prospects to identify new opportunities faster, is another essential part of the sales enablement tasks. Many sales intelligence tools serve this function by collecting a mix of firmographics and behavioral data to either determine a lead’s qualification level or point out upsell and cross-sell potentials.

Recommended sales intelligence tools for behavioural analytics: LiveHive, Yesware, Marketo, Act-On

BizVibe, The All-in-One Sales Intelligence Tool for Boosting All Your Sales Enablement Tasks

Here at BizVibe, we innovated the modern B2B marketplace to make your B2B sales process faster, smarter and hassle-free. Whether it’s data enrichment, sales reporting and forecasting, pipeline management, or behavioral analysis, BizVibe has a list of designated features to boost your B2B sales, including:

  • Leverage detailed buyer insights and use customized filters to target best-fit prospects.
  • Track your prospects of interests and receive real-time notifications for the latest news of your shortlisted companies.
  • Use API (application programming interface) to access and manage company fields on your application.
  • Receive prospect recommendations that match your ideal customer profile.
  • And many more…

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