Animal Feed Industry in the USA: Largest Animal Feed Producer and Exporter in the World

The animal feed industry in the USA is one of the most important components of the country’s enormous food supply chain and possesses a huge impact for the output and quality of livestock products such as milk, meat, and eggs that people consume. Spurred by the boom of its agriculture and farm industry, the animal food production industry in the USA is also experiencing a substantial growth over the recent decades. Due to the significant size and demand of its livestock industry, the USA is nowadays the world’s largest animal feed producer and exporter. As the global demand for livestock and livestock products continues to grow, the animal feed industry in the USA is expected to thrive further in the near future. It’s a crucial time to connect with the top animal feed suppliers in the USA and grow your business to another level.


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Major Types of Animal Feed


Animal feed is commonly known as food for livestock. Modern animal feeds are normally a mix of carefully selected and blended ingredients to provide highly nutritional diets to the livestock. These feeds can not only keep the health of the animals, but also increase the quantity and quality of end products such as meat, milk, or eggs. There are mainly two types of animal feed: (1) fodder, containing fat, cereal grains or their by-products (barley, corn, oats, rye, wheat), high-protein sources (soybean, canola, cottonseed, peanut), and by-products from processing of sugar beets, sugarcane, animals, and fish, and (2) forage, such as pasture grasses, hays, silage, root crops, straw, or cornstalks.


Global Animal Feed Production and Market Size


According to a recent report from International Feed Industry Federation, the global animal feed production is estimated to be nearly 1 billion tonnes annually. Global commercial feed manufacturing generates an estimated annual turnover of over US $400 billion. Commercial production or sale of manufactured animal feed products takes place in more than 130 countries and directly employs more than a quarter of a million skilled workers, technicians, manager, and professionals.


Animal Feed Industry in the USA is the World’s Largest


The animal feed industry in the USA has long been the world’s largest in terms of animal feed production value, animal feed consumption and animal feed exports over the decades. According to a recent report prepared for the Institute for Feed Education & Research (IFEEDER) by Decision Innovation Solutions. The US animal feed industry achieved total $170.4 billion sales in 2016, which included $57.7 billion in value-added with $55.9 billion in labour income. The industry also contributed over 545,810 employment and £13.1 billion taxes in the same year, making the animal feed industry one of the largest economic contributors in the US agricultural sector.


The top 5 animal feed manufacturing states include: California, Texas, Illinois, Iowa and Ohio. These states are all home to many feed mills generating economic activity in their state, ranging from 149 feed mills in California to 679 in Texas. The animal feed manufacturers in these top 5 states accounted over 36.5% of the total animal feed sales in the country.


Total amount of animal feed consumed in the USA: 236.3 million tons in 2016


Number of head 2016 Tons of Food Consumed
Cattle on Feed 24.2 million 74.7 million
Broiler Chickens 8.7 billion 56.3 million
Sows, Nursery Pigs, and Hogs 169.3 million 46.3 million
Dairy Cows 9.3 million 23.8 million
Layers, Pullets and Breeder Layers 421.3 million 16.4 million
Turkeys 238.8 million 9.9 million
Horses 8.8 million 8 million
Catfish, Shrimp, Trout, Tilapia,
Hybrid Stripped Bass and Yellow Perch
2.1568 billion 708,000
Lambs and Ewes 6.4 million 157,000


SOURCE: Decision Innovation Solutions


Meanwhile, the USA is also the world’s largest animal feed exporter, supplying a significant amount of the animal food for the livestock industries around the world. According to the latest trading data from ITC,  the USA exported $2.8 billion wroth of animal feed products to the global market, representing over 11% of the world’s total animal feed exports in that year. Some of the largest US animal feed products importers were Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Indonesia.


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