Top 10 Fertilizer Manufacturers in China

Despite a global fertilizer market that is as volatile and unpredictable as the weather, China seems to always come out on top. Results from a market analysis conducted by Mordor Intelligence shows that the demand for fertilizer manufacturers in China in 2018 continues to be consistently favorable. This is all correlated to a thriving global economy, input-output prices of fertilizer nutrients, high population growth, food security concerns and a demand for 100% productivity of the current arable agricultural land.


Top global economies, like India and the United States, depend on fertilizer manufacturers in China. Without their high-quality fertilizers, the agricultural sector of major economies like these would suffer. Fertilizers enhance soil fertility and replace depleted chemical elements taken from the soil by previous harvests. Without fertilizers, farmers would struggle to grow enough food to feed their communities.


Fertilizer Manufacturers in China Export Statistics


China is the top chemical and mixed compound fertilizer exporter in the world. Fertilizer manufacturers in China hold 20% of the global export market, which is valued at $3.3 billion (2016). The main importers of China’s fertilizer include India (31%), Vietnam (10%), Pakistan (7.3%), Brazil (7.2%) and Thailand (5.9%).  


China’s new fertilizer tariff laws were implemented as of 2017, where many export tariff rates were decreased or completely wiped out. For example, all nitrogen fertilizers (ie. urea and ammonium chloride) and nitrogen fertilizers consisting of phosphorus compounds saw a drop in tariffs from 5% to 0%. All NPK compound fertilizers experienced a 10% decrease, dropping from 30% to 20%.


Read more about China’s new fertilizer export tariffs here.


Top 10 Fertilizer Manufacturers in China

BizVibe’s research reveals this list of the top 10 fertilizer manufacturers in China based on production volumes rather than revenue. Many of the companies listed below also manufacture other chemical products not intended to be used as fertilizer, nor do the chemicals serve any agricultural purpose.

All sales and revenue info comes from The Wall Street Journal unless otherwise stated. Production volumes and capacities are curated from each company’s website. If there is a company you think should be on the list or just a general question about this top 10, please leave a comment in the comments section below.


     1. Sinofert

Sinofert is a subsidiary of Sinochem, with 53% of their holdings owned by the Group. Sinofert is the largest fertilizer manufacturer in China and covers the entire industry chain of resource, R&D, production, distribution and services related to agrochemicals. Sinofert currently boasts 7 controlling enterprises and 8 sharing enterprises that equal to a total annual production capacity of over 15 million tonnes. The latest data from 2014 states the company produced 14.63 million tonnes of fertilizer.

The company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $17.48 billion.


     2. Sinochem

According to the Sinochem website, their most recent published data puts the sales volume of their fertilizer sector at 12 million tonnes. The company controls another 14 fertilizer production companies, with products ranging from nitrogen fertilizer to potash fertilizer, and other new innovative fertilizers. Sinochem has also an extensive product range, which includes primary fertilizer nutrients, secondary fertilizer nutrients, microelements fertilizers, BB fertilizers, organic and inorganic composite fertilizers and other specialized fertilizers.

The company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $40.54 billion.

     3. Hubei Xinyangfeng Fertilizer

Hubei Xinyangfeng Fertilizer is one of the more prominent fertilizer manufacturers in China, bringing in over 30-years-experience of producing and exporting fertilizer. This fertilizer company in China has an annual production volume of 5.4 million tons of various high-concentrate phosphate and compound fertilizers.

The company also boasts many accolades including ranking as a top 10 national fertilizer enterprise, a top 3 national phosphate and compound fertilizer enterprise and the top 1 provincial phosphate and compound fertilizer enterprise. Xinyangfeng Fertilizer is also a top-500 manufacturing enterprise in China, a top-500 private enterprise in China, top-100 industrial enterprise in Hubei and a leader in R&D. They are also ranked as a ‘National High-Tech Enterprise’ with a total of 42 national patents.

The company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $8.22 billion.


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     4. Wengfu Group

Wengfu Group delivers a lot when it comes to producing chemicals and is one of the largest fertilizer companies in China. This state-owned enterprise specializes in phosphate mining and dressing, agricultural planting, warehousing & trading, scientific research, domestic and international trade of chemicals, industrial technology and operation services and international general EPC contracting.

The company is also a known as one of the top phosphorous fertilizer manufacturers in China, with a production capacity of around 4.89 million tonnes per annum. The company also produces soluble fertilizers, phosphorus, sulfur and coal chemicals and fluoride and iodine chemicals.

The company’s sales/revenue are listed at $5.79 billion, according to their website.


     5. Lenan Xinlianxin (China XLX)

In 1969, Henan Xinlianxin, or, China XLX Fertilizer, was born as a private enterprise but switched to a state-owned company in 2003. Working as one of the major fertilizer manufacturers in China, XLX is also an integrative chemical enterprise. The company is known for the scientific research, development, production and service of chemical fertilizers.  

They own four urea and chemical producing branches at two of their fertilizer manufacturing bases. Their annual output of fertilizers is roughly 3.2 million tonnes.

The company’s sales/revenue as per Reuters is listed at $290.25 million


     6. Luxi Chemical Group

According to the Luxi Chemical Group website, the company has a fertilizer production capacity of roughly 2.8 million tonnes per year. This fertilizer manufacturer in China produces fertilizers such as common urea, granular urea, stable urea, slow release potash urea and poly-amino acid urea. They also manufacture compound fertilizers such as blend fertilizer, BB fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, release control fertilizer, soluble fertilizer, urea formaldehyde compound fertilizer, DAP and ammonium sulfate.

The company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $10.89 billion.


     7. China BlueChemical Ltd.

China BlueChemical Ltd. is a major chemical and fertilizer manufacturer in China. Their undertakings include the development, production and sale of mineral fertilizers and chemical products. Many of their popular segments include urea (manufacture & sale of granular and urea prills), phosphorus fertilizer, methanol and others like manufacturing woven plastic bags, chemicals, port operations and provision of transportation services.

The total production volume of all China BlueChemical fertilizers equals to 1.37 million tonnes and the company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $9.94 billion.


     8. Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co. Ltd

Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co. Ltd produces and sells fertilizers, chemical, and chemical raw materials. Other products include phosphate compound fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, fine phosphorus chemical, synthetic ammonia, and methanol. According to the company’s website, their main goal is to combine acid fertilizer with mineral fertilizer to increase the production of high concentrations of phosphate compound fertilizer with a unique condition.

Liuguo’s annual fertilizer production rate sits at 1.2 million tonnes (2010) and the company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $4.43 billion.


     9. China Green Agriculture Inc.

China Green Agriculture is one of the major environmentally-friendly fertilizer manufacturers in China. This Chinese fertilizer company excels in producing and distributing humic acid liquid compound fertilizer, blended fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer and mixed organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. Their products are used throughout the 22 provinces, 4 autonomous regions and 3 municipal cities in China. Their total annual production volume is currently sitting at 355,000 tonnes.

The company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $285.21 million.


     10. Sichuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Chemical is a major player in the production and sale of chemical fertilizers, basic chemical raw materials, and organic chemical compounds. Some of their products include melamine, ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate and other self-made and outsourced products. Some of the company’s many awards and honorary titles, 18 to be exact, include the Chinese Enterprises Management Outstanding Contribution Award, a National Advanced Enterprise Performance Excellence Model, National Advanced Enterprise of Customer Satisfaction Project, Outstanding Unit of National Equipment Management and the National AAAA Standardized Good Behavioral Enterprise.


Sichuan has an annual fertilizer production capacity of 300,000 tonnes and the company’s sales/revenue as per the WSJ is listed at $1.81 billion.


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Prominent companies from the world’s top economies turn to China for their fertilizer needs. The reputation of the fertilizer market in China, in addition to its new tariff export laws, makes China a top contender as the world’s best fertilizer supplier. So whether you’re looking to source from chemical fertilizer companies, organic fertilizer companies or raw fertilizer material distributors, then fertilizer manufacturers in China should be the first on your list.


Let BizVibe help introduce your fertilizer or agriculture business to major players who can help you stay at the top of your industry. Our innovative sourcing and B2B networking solutions help you discover new opportunities with not only these top 10 fertilizer manufacturers in China and but thousands more.



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