As Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Begin, Tesla Expands Service Operations

Production of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 began last week, and the first deliveries of this mass-market electric vehicle are expected to begin this month. To meet the expected demand, Tesla has announced that it is vastly expanding its service operations and hiring more than 1,000 automobile technicians.


To support the Tesla Model 3, the automobile manufacturer will also add roughly 350 mobile service vans to its existing fleet of just 30. It will increase its number of service centres by more than 100 from its current total of 150. These vans travel to a customer’s workplace or home so a technician can perform repairs on-site, rather than requiring travel to a service centre or repair shop. Additionally, Tesla says that its vehicles’ remote diagnostics capabilities will allow more than 90% of issues to be diagnosed before a car reaches a service centre, providing new Tesla Model 3 drivers and established customers with quicker and more effective service.


This wide-scale expansion will help Tesla enter the mass-market space with greater ease. Its ability to diagnose problems remotely already puts it one step ahead of many conventional mass-market automobile manufacturers. The company claims that its service centres are four times faster and use three times less space than traditional auto repair shops. Overall, Tesla aims to expand its service capacity by three times what it currently is in order to accommodate new demand, owners, and issues resulting from the rollout of the Tesla Model 3.


All of this will go a long way towards increasing already fierce customer loyalty towards the electric automobile brand, and will help Tesla ensure that other companies and repair services are not unfairly profiting off of its customers or from any issues that may arise with the Tesla Model 3. It will help Tesla to identify issues faster and with greater ease, and is expected to substantially reduce wait times for repairs. Additionally, it will also create a good number of jobs, expanding Tesla’s employee base and improving service quality and productivity across the board. As the company ramps up its production of the Tesla Model 3 to roughly 20,000 cars per month by December 2017, its expanded service operations will truly be put to the test.


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