Lighting is Unplugging from Convention

Prepare to leave wires behind. Cordless lighting is currently one of the industry’s biggest trends, and its advantages are not limited to just convenience. The future of lighting could very well be wireless, and here are 5 of the top reasons why:


  • Portability: As its name might indicate, cordless lighting doesn’t require wires or cords to operate. Cordless lamps and lights are typically designed with portability in mind, allowing users to easily transport them from room to room. This feature allows for a greater range of designs, sizes, and styles of cordless lighting products. Many cordless lights can be charged via USB, allowing users to take their lighting on the go—from home to the office, for example.


  • Environmental friendliness: Using cordless lighting results in the consumption of less electricity and less waste from regularly replacing lightbulbs. They have a considerably less harmful effect on the environment than conventional lighting products. Additionally, the market for cordless lighting has a wide variety of environmentally-friendly options, such as solar powered rechargeable batteries. Another example is the Candela lamp, provided by the Danish-Italian lighting brand Astep, which generates electricity from a smokeless flame.


  • Increased quality: The vast majority of cordless currently available on the market lights use LED bulbs, which provide drastically better light quality and last longer than incandescent and other conventional lightbulbs.


  • Reduced costs: Most cordless lights are battery-operated, helping users to reduce their electricity costs. The long-lasting rechargeable batteries used in cordless lights also offer cost savings as they do not need to constantly be replaced or charged. In addition to individual homeowners, this can be especially beneficial for restaurants, hotels, and other venues that require cost-effective lighting solutions.


  • Innovation: Innovation in lighting products, it seems, is made easier when your product is not dependent on an electrical outlet. Manufacturers of cordless lighting solutions are introducing new features to their products in order to stand out from the crowd, ranging from design innovations to technological advancements. For example, HCWD’s Brick Lamp turns on or off automatically, depending on how it is placed.


Cordless lighting is providing consumers with increased convenience, design options, and energy-saving solutions. Its expected to grow in popularity in the near future as more manufacturers embrace cordless technology and add cordless products to their offerings in order to remain competitive.


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