Ballpoint Pen Market: China Leads the Global Production and Export

The global ballpoint pen market continues to show signs of a significant demand increase in 2018, as ballpoint pens – also know as a biro pen or ball pen – continues to be one of the most popular writing instruments in the global stationery sector. China, as the world’s largest ballpoint pen producer and exporter, is expected to remain its leadership in the global ballpoint pen market over the next few years, thanks to the country’s recent achievement in the manufacturing of ballpoint pen tips. it’s now the crucial time to connect with the top ballpoint pen manufacturers in China and take advantage of opportunities in this booming market.


A ballpoint pen is the type of pen that dispenses ink over a metal ball at its tip. The metal tip, which is required to be small and agile, is commonly made of steel, brass, or tungsten carbide. Ballpoint pen is popular around the world as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to fountain pens, and it has become nowadays the world’s most-used writing instrument. China is now the world’s largest ballpoint pen supplier, responsible for over 80% of the global ballpoint pen production.


China’s Ballpoint Pen Market Overview


Over the decades, China has been the world’s leader in various manufacturing sectors including ballpoint pen market. According to a recent report from China Daily, there are currently over 3,000 pen manufacturers operating in China, producing nearly 40 billion of ballpoint penseveryr year, fulfilling more than 80% of the world’s ballpoint pen demand.


However, the significance of China’s ballpoint pen industry suffered a huge drawback – before 2017, none of the Chinese pen manufacturers were able to produce a high-quality version of the most important part of the pen, its ballpoint tip. Instead, about 90% of the pen tips, were imported from Japan, Germany, and Switzerland, which cost the industry $17.3 million a year, according to the China National Light Industry Council.


In early 2017, Chinese steelmaker Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., also known as Taigang, finally announced that it had developed technology to manufacture the stainless steel tip cases for producing of high-quality ballpoint pens. The company says the R&D began in 2014 and finally finished last year, marking the success of manufacturing a set of 2.3-mm-tipped pens with the superior tip cases. With this new achievement, China’s ballpoint pen manufacturing sector is expected to save costs of US$15 million annually, according to Bejing News.


Exports from China’s Ballpoints Pen Market


When it comes to the ballpoint pen export, China is also leading the way. According to the latest trading statistics from ITC, China exported over US$1.7 billion worth of pens in 2016, of which majority is ballpoint pens, representing about 27.5% of the world’s total pen export in that year. World’s major economies and regions, including the USA, Japan, the UK, Germany and Southeast Asian countries, are some of the largest ballpoint pen importers in China’s ballpoint pen industry.


Connect with Top Ballpoint Pen Manufacturers in China


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