Top 10 Leading Copper Pipe Manufacturers in Germany

Copper pipe manufacturers in Germany are seeing consistent growth in both revenues and market shares in the world. With rapid urbanization and industrialization, the sales of copper pipes or copper tubes have seen a huge increase in household and industrial applications. Rising demand for ventilation, heating and air conditioning high voltage AC segments are some of the major factors driving the expansion of the copper pipe manufacturing market in Germany.


Copper pipes and tubes are highly malleable and can be bent, joined, modified or easily customized to cater to individual requirements. Also, copper is non-pyrogenic, corrosion-resistant, and is a completely recyclable material which makes copper pipe a preferred choice for HVAC installations in commercial and residential buildings. The increasing adoption of new, cost-effective manufacturing technologies with growing applications of copper pipes will further boost the performance of this market over the near future.


Germany’s Copper Pipe Industry Overview


As the global demand for copper pipes continues to be strong, Germany has remained as one of the top manufacturers and exporters of copper pipes and tubes in the global market. In terms of volume, Germany held more than 10% of the global copper market. Growing HVAC and automotive market is the major factor driving the demand for copper in the European Union and the US, which are some of the major markets for copper pipe manufacturers and suppliers in Germany, accounting for more than 80% of Germany’s total copper pipe exports.


Exports from Germany’s Copper Pipe Industry


When it comes to copper pipe exports, Germany is also one of the top copper pipe exporters in the world.  According to the recent figures from ITC (International Trade Centre), Germany exported about US$ 734 million worth or equivalent of 107,484 tonnes of copper pipes to the global market in 2016, representing over 14.3% of the world’s total copper pipe exports in the same year, making Germany the world’s second-largest copper pipe exporter behind China. EU countries, such as Italy, UK, France, Czech Republic and Poland, are currently some of the top importers for German-made copper pipes.


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Top 10 Leading Copper Pipe Manufacturers in Germany



KME is one of the world’s largest Germany based manufacturers of copper and copper alloy products, with 15 production plants operating in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and the USA. KME overs innovative product solutions tailored to the respective individual requirements of customers from the various industrial sectors.


2. Wieland

The Wieland Group is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semi-finished and special products in copper and copper alloys, such as strip, sheet, tubes, rods, wires and sections. Special products include slide bearings, finned tubes, and heat exchangers. Wieland has manufacturing sites, slitting centers and trading companies in Europe, China, Singapore, South Africa and in the USA.


3. MST Edelstahlrohr

MST Edelstahlrohr GmbH was founded in Germany in 2010, is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of copper pipes. It has the biggest tube stock in Europe, ranging from standard stainless steel to very hard to get nickel, copper, duplex, super duplex and titanium materials or oddball tube dimensions.


4. Alcobra GmbH

Alcrobra is a leading manufacturer and service provider for the procurement and logistics of semi-finished, non-ferrous metal products. The company specialized in manufacturing and supplying Aluminium, Copper, Brass products.


5. Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing

MKM is a leading European manufacturer of primary and semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys. It also offers preliminary strips; and finished strips, such as industrial, transformer, roofing, accessory, cable, and solar strips. The company also offers hot-rolled and cold-rolled discs and plates, and sheet metal from strips.


6. Standard Metallwerke

Standard Metallwerke is a leading privately-owned copper pipe manufacturer, with portfolio covers aluminum pipes, copper tubes and copper-nickel tubes and manufacture to customer order only. They are also specialized in precision drawn tubes made from seamless extruded tubes or porthole extruded tubes.


7. Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei

Mittelrheinische Metallgiesserei, established in 1928, is a major manufacturer and trader of non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, copper-aluminum, grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron in form of round bars, rings, bushes, flat- square- and hexagonal bars, plates.


8. Aurubis

Aurubis is a leading producer of high-purity, high-quality copper from copper concentrates and recycling materials and processes it into intermediate products. Copper scrap and a variety of other recycling materials are reintroduced to the economic cycle this way. more than 1 million tonnes of marketable copper cathodes are produced by Aurubis each year.



DEUPOL is a specialized manufacturer for non-ferrous semi-finished products of copper, brass, bronze, new silver/nickel silver (German silver), leaded bronze/leaded gunmetal, aluminum bronze, copper-nickel, nickel in rods, hollows, tubes, strips, sheets, stripes, plates, wires, billets, and bushes.


10. EMH

EMH is one of the leading copper pipe manufacturers in Germany, specializing in the manufacturing of tubes in copper, brass, nickel silver, copper-nickel, and many other copper alloys. It also produces round and profiled tubes with more than 30 different copper alloys supplying various of industrial sectors worldwide.


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