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Current State of the Largest Architecture Companies in the World

The global architecture industry continues to grow driven by economic growth and an infusion of government and corporate-funded building projects. Most of the growth is being led by the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world on this list, however, architecture companies ranking outside the top 10 are all enjoying stellar success in the field.  The architecture industry’s revenue is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 2.2% to USD 317 billion over the five years. The largest architecture company in the world is Gensler, which generated USD 1.35 billion in revenue from fees last year. The top 3 biggest architecture firms are then rounded out by Perkins and Will and HKS. This post will break down the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world in 2020, ranked by their revenue numbers. Additionally, the following insights will also be covered.

  • Who are the 100 largest architecture firms in the world?
  • How much is the global architecture industry worth?
  • What are some key global architecture industry stats and trends

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Global Architecture Industry Stats and Trends

  • The architecture industry’s revenue is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 2.2% to USD 317 billion over the five years.
  • 743.702 people are employed in the global Architecture industry.
  • 50% of architectural companies state that data security is one of the factors that prevent them from increased usage of BIM (Building Information Modelling).
  • 82% of BIM users report that AEC firms receive a positive return-on-investment after using BIM. The other 14% report reaching a point of break-even.

Top 10 Largest Architecture Firms in the World by Revenue 2020

Which companies are leading the way for the world’s biggest architecture firms in the world?  This is BizVibe’s complete list of the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world by revenue in 2020.

Largest Architecture Firms in the World by Revenue


Architecture Company

Revenue (USD millions)


Number of Employees

1 Gensler 1,355,625,836 San Francisco, USA 6,000
2 Perkins and Will 607,958,770 Chicago, USA 2,600
3 HKS 396,060,463 Dallas, USA 1,000
4 Perkins Eastman 261,631,130 New York City, USA 658
5 IBI Group 246,400,000 Toronto, Canada 2,600
6 NELSON Worldwide 222,608,600 Minneapolis, USA 1,000
7 Corgan 191,585,851 Dallas, USA 658
8 ZGF Architects 189,555,601 Portland, USA 588
9 NBBJ 182,000,000 Seattle, USA 650
10 Kohn Pedersen Fox 152,139,000 New York City, USA 650

1.    Gensler

Ranking number 1 on this list of the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world is Gensler, a global design and architecture firm. Gensler is organized into 16 diverse practice areas covering a broad spectrum of industry sectors, Gensler delivers a range of project types for clients around the world. Gensler is the biggest architecture firm in the world because it generated USD 1.35 billion in revenues last year. Gensler operated offices in 48 cities in 16 countries worldwide, working for clients in over 100 countries. Gensler offers many service areas including architecture, brand design, consulting & real estate, digital experience design, interior design, sustainability, and urban strategies & design.

  • Founded: 1965
  • Gensler Revenue: USD 1,355,625,836 billion
  • Gensler Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  • Gensler Number of employees: 6,000

Gensler Products and Services

  • Architecture
  • Brand Design
  • Consulting & Real Estate
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainability
  • Urban Strategies & Design

2.    Perkins and Will

Ranking 2nd on this list of the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world is Perkins and Will, a global design practice founded in 1935. Perkins and Will is a subsidiary of Lebanon-based Dar Al-Handasah and last year generated USD 607,958,770 million — making it one of the 100 largest architecture firms in the world. Perkins and Will claim to have more Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals than any other design firm in North America.

  • Founded: 1935
  • Perkins and Will Revenue: USD 607,958,770 billion
  • Perkins and Will Headquarters: Chicago, USA
  • Perkins and Will Number of employees: 2,600

Perkins and Will Notable Buildings

  • Bridgestone Tower, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Chase Tower (Chicago), Chicago, Illinois
  • The Clare, Chicago, Illinois
  • Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  • Cornell University College of Engineering, Ithaca, New York; the complex of seven buildings in the 1950s, including Upson Hall
  • Crow Island School, Winnetka, Illinois
  • Lake Forest College, buildings in Middle and South Campus, Lake Forest, Illinois
  • Duke University Fuqua School of Business, Durham, North Carolina
  • Florida Atlantic University, Schmidt Biomedical Science Center
  • Fort Collins High School, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • GlenOak High School, Plain Township, Ohio

3.    HKS

HKS ranks 3rd on this list of the best architecture companies in the world. HKS is an American international architecture firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas (USA). HKS is a leading architecture company that employs more than 1000 people, making it one of the largest architectural firms in the United States and has completed services on structures valued more than $69 billion, with more than $12 billion of construction currently underway. Last year HKS generated USD 396,060,463 million in fees — making it one of the top architecture firms in the world in terms of revenue.

  • Founded: 1939
  • HKS Revenue: USD 396,060,463 million
  • HKS Headquarters: Dallas, USA
  • HKS Number of employees: 1,000

HKS Notable Buildings

  • Orlando Health/Orlando Regional Medical Center, Orlando, Florida
  • SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California
  • AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
  • S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • FAU Stadium, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
  • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
  • Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas
  • Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Bank of America Corporate Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Apogee Stadium, Denton, Texas
  • College Park Center, Arlington, Texas

4.    Perkins Eastman

Ranking 4th on this list of the top 10 largest architecture companies in the world is Perkins Eastman, an international architecture, interior design, urban design, planning, landscape architecture, graphic design, and project management firm. Headquartered in New York City, United States. Perkins Eastman is one of the largest New York-based design firms per Crain’s New York Business, one of the largest architectural firms in the United States. Lats year Perkins Eastman generated USD 261,631,130 million from revenue fees — making it one of the world’s biggest architecture firms.

  • Founded: 1981
  • Perkins Eastman Revenue: USD 261,631,130 million
  • Perkins Eastman Headquarters: New York City, USA
  • Perkins Eastman Number of employees: 658

5.    IBI Group


Ranking 5th on this list of top 10 largest architecture companies in the world by revenue is IBI Group, a Canadian-based international professional services company consulting in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, transportation, and technology. IBI Group has over 2,600 employees and more than 60 offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Last year IBI Group generated USD 246,400,000 million in revenue from fees — making it one of the best architecture firms in the world.

  • Founded: 1974
  • IBI Group Revenue: USD 246,400,000 million
  • IBI Group Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
  • IBI Group Number of employees: 2,600

IBI Group Notable Projects

  • 41 Cooper Square, New York City
  • BC Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver (with Henriquez Partners Architects)
  • Benxi New City, Benxi, China
  • Delta Hotel, Toronto
  • Diamond Ranch High School (executive architect); Pomona, California
  • École secondaire catholique Père-Philippe-Lamarche, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario
  • Ericsson R&D Complex, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (2016)
  • Franklin High School (Portland, Oregon) renovation
  • Heschel School – Ronald P. Stanton Campus, New York City
  • London 2012 Olympics – Travel demand management program
  • Oceanside Dolphin Hotel, San Diego

6.    NELSON Worldwide

Ranking 6th on this list of the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world is  NELSON Worldwide, an award-winning firm delivering architecture, interior design, graphic design, and brand strategy services that transform all dimensions of the human experience, providing our clients with strategic and creative solutions that positively impact their lives and the environments where they work, serve, play, and thrive.  NELSON Worldwide generated USD 222,608,600 million in revenues last year — making it one of the world’s biggest architecture firms.

  • Founded: 1977
  • NELSON Worldwide Revenue: USD 222,608,600 million
  • NELSON Worldwide Headquarters: Minneapolis, USA
  • NELSON Worldwide Number of employees: 1,000

7.    Corgan

Ranking 7th on our list of the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world is Corgan, a leading architecture and design firm founded over 80 years ago, creates places across the globe where people thrive and clients succeed. Last year Corgan generated USD 191,585,851 million in revenues.

  • Founded: 1938
  • Corgan Revenue: USD 191,585,851 million
  • Corgan Headquarters: Dallas, USA
  • Corgan Number of employees: 658

8.    ZGF Architects

ZGF Architects ranks 8th on our architecture firm ranking. ZGF Architects is an American architectural firm with offices in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles, California; Washington D.C.; New York, New York; and Vancouver, Canada. The company was founded in 1942 and currently employs over 588 people worldwide. Since 2013, the firm’s managing partner has been Ted Hyman. Last year ZGF Architects generated USD 189,555,601 million in revenue from fees — making it one of the 100 largest architecture firms in the world.

  • Founded: 1942
  • ZGF Architects Revenue: USD 189,555,601 million
  • ZGF Architects Headquarters: Portland, USA
  • ZGF Architects Number of employees: 588

9.    NBBJ


NBBJ ranks 9th on this list of the biggest architecture firms in 2020 by revenue. NBBJ is an American global architecture, planning and design firm with offices in Beijing, Boston, Columbus, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Pune, San Francisco, Seattle, and Shanghai. NBBJ provides services in architecture, interiors, planning, and urban design, branding, consulting, landscape design, and lighting. Last year NBBJ generated USD 182,000,000 million in revenues.

  • Founded: 1943
  • NBBJ Revenue: USD 182,000,000 million
  • NBBJ Headquarters: Seattle, USA
  • NBBJ Number of employees: 588

NBBJ Notable Projects

  • City of Capitals, Moscow, Russia
  • Doppler, Seattle, Washington
  • Day 1, Seattle, Washington
  • Amazon Spheres, Seattle, Washington
  • Alipay Headquarters, China
  • Samsung Headquarters, San Jose
  • Tencent Headquarters, Chin
  • Alibaba Headquarters, China
  • Rainier Tower, Seattle, Washington
  • Rainier Square Tower, Seattle, Washington

10.  Kohn Pedersen Fox

Rounding out BizVibe’s list of the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world is Kohn Pedersen Fox, an American architecture firm that provides architecture, interior, programming and master planning services for clients in both the public and private sectors. KPF is one of the largest architecture firms in New York City. KPF’s recent works include Roppongi Hills in Tokyo (2003), Unilever House in London (2007), the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas (2009), the Stephen M. Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor (2009), the RBC Centre in Toronto (2009), the University of Minnesota Science Teaching and Student Services Center (2010), Centra Metropark in Iselin, New Jersey (2011), the Heron Tower in London (2011) and the Buffalo United States Courthouse (2011). Last year Kohn Pedersen Fox generated USD 152,139,000 million in revenues from fees — making it one of the top architecture firms in the world.

  • Founded: 1976
  • KPF Revenue: USD 152,139,000 million
  • KPF Headquarters: New York City, USA
  • KPF Number of employees: 650

KPF Notable Projects

  • Espirito Santo Plaza, Miami, Florida, USA
  • Ernst & Young Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Floral Court, London, UK
  • Gannett/USA Today Corporate Headquarters McLean, Virginia, USA
  • Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, Guangzhou, China
  • Hysan Place, Hong Kong
  • International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong
  • Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea
  • Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Expansion and Renovation, Manhattan, New York, US
  • One Jackson Square, Manhattan, New York, USA
  • One Vanderbilt, Manhattan, New York, USA
  • RBC Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Ritz-Carlton Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse, Buffalo, New York, USA

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100 Largest Architecture Firms by Revenue

Here is a complete list of the 100 largest architecture firms in the world in 2020 ranked by revenue.


 Architecture Company

Revenue (USD millions)

1 Gensler $1,355,625,836
2 Perkins and Will $607,958,770
3 HKS $396,060,463
4 Perkins Eastman $261,631,130
5 IBI Group $246,400,000
6 NELSON Worldwide $222,608,600
7 Corgan $191,585,851
8 ZGF Architects $189,555,601
9 NBBJ $182,000,000
10 Kohn Pedersen Fox $152,139,000
11 Interior Architects $144,344,671
12 HMC Architects $100,304,750
13 Elkus Manfredi Architects $92,000,000
14 KTGY Architecture + Planning $90,964,254
15 Cooper Carry $89,059,502
16 Studios Architecture $86,300,000
17 WATG $81,895,000
18 LS3P $81,088,595
19 Architects Orange $79,600,000
20 Solomon Cordwell Buenz $78,962,762
21 Hord Coplan Macht $78,640,600
22 PGAL $76,600,000
23 Cuningham Group Architecture $76,306,401
24 Moseley Architects $69,921,462
25 tvsdesign $69,000,000
26 Robert A.M. Stern Architects $68,200,000
27 Moody Nolan $66,000,000
28 MG2 $65,587,835
29 Payette $59,315,592
30 Ennead Architects $57,491,982
31 Arquitectonica $56,900,000
32 Beyer Blinder Belle $53,492,000
33 Quinn Evans Architects $50,688,349
34 CBT $49,209,472
35 HLW International $47,600,000
36 Beck Group, The $46,500,000
37 VLK Architects $46,167,000
38 LMN Architects $45,920,000
39 TreanorHL $45,772,132
40 DGA $45,435,401
41 Ayers Saint Gross $45,381,884
42 Diamond Schmitt Architects $45,314,700
43 NAC Architecture $44,785,688
44 Shepley Bulfinch $44,724,277
45 Fentress Architects $44,700,000
46 Kirksey Architects $44,366,258
47 Mithun $43,323,885
48 DAVIS $41,900,000
49 BWBR $41,638,000
50 BHDP Architecture $41,300,244
51 Wilson Associates $41,000,000
52 MBH Architects $39,750,000
53 JCJ Architecture $39,707,537
54 RATIO $39,196,000
55 Steinberg Hart $38,750,000
56 Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture $37,690,577
57 Niles Bolton Associates $37,686,191
58 FXCollaborative $37,562,449
59 Ted Moudis Associates $36,000,000
60 JLG Architects $35,530,960
61 Boulder Associates $34,200,000
62 Davis Brody Bond $33,980,731
63 Array Architects $32,450,000
64 GBBN $31,600,000
65 CO Architects $30,848,741
66 WDG Architecture $30,700,000
67 OZ Architecture $30,592,381
68 HuntonBrady Architects $30,311,271
69 Grimm + Parker Architects $30,290,304
70 Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio $30,078,271
71 Vocon $30,000,000
72 Looney Ricks Kiss $29,500,000
73 Miller Hull Partnership* $29,068,000
74 HBG Design $29,061,000
75 GFF $28,716,857
76 Quattrocchi Kwok Architects $28,700,000
77 SLCE Architects $28,000,000
78 Macgregor Associates Architects $27,398,715
79 Steelman Partners $27,200,000
80 Schenkel & Shultz $25,817,044
81 CambridgeSeven $25,447,000
82 orcutt | winslow $24,451,769
83 Carrier Johnson + Culture $24,447,000
84 Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates $24,423,646
85 AHL $24,114,750
86 Harvard Jolly $23,653,607
87 Dattner Architects $23,108,959
88 Ziegler Cooper Architects $22,637,283
89 FGM Architects $22,133,408
90 Taylor Design $21,891,341
91 Urbahn Architects $21,888,302
92 LRS Architects $21,726,479
93 GGLO Design $21,303,467
94 Zyscovich Architects $21,111,640
95 RBB Architects $19,000,000
96 TEG Architects $18,150,018
97 GWWO Architects $18,035,162
98 Fogarty Finger Architecture $17,902,000
99 Champlin Architecture $17,786,704
100 ThenDesign Architecture $17,000,000

The Future of the Global Architecture Industry

The current status of economic prosperity is leading to a stellar growth outlook for the industry. Expect the top 10 largest architecture firms in the world to keep dominating this list but any one of the 100 largest architecture firms mentioned on the list above can join the top 10 anytime soon based on the demand for their excellent services.

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