Important MarTech Statistics You Need to Know in 2018

MarTech is a vital tool for all marketers that makes delivering products or services to customers more efficient and personalized. In the MarTech world, everything revolves around data and in order to make sense of it all, we’ve curated the most important MarTech statistics of 2018. These stats and MarTech trends interpret the evolution and expansion of this thriving industry.


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Use this information to help your company get the most out of marketing technology. These important MarTech statistics act as a guide to decipher what technology your company needs and what strategies you might want to employ. BizVibe has categorized these important MarTech statistics into 6 categories including Marketing Automation; MarTech Stacks; Marketing Analytics, Performance & Attribution; SaaS and Cloud-Based Analytics; Digital Consumer Trends; and Customer Data Platforms.


Important MarTech Statistics: Marketing Automation


  • 67% of marketers use marketing automation platforms — Salesforce
  • Marketing technology spending is now higher than a company’s advertising spending — Gartner
  • 21% of marketers plan to use a marketing automation platform in the next year — Salesforce  
  • Almost 90% of marketing agencies say their marketing automation strategies are successful — SharpSpring
  • 58% of B2B marketers plan to use marketing automation technology — Emailmonday
  • Four out of five users see an increase in leads through marketing automation software and 77% see an increase in conversions — Venturebeat
  • ¾ of marketers say the biggest benefit is saving time; 68% say increased customer engagement is a benefit; 58% say there is more timely communication, and 58% say upselling opportunities increased — Adestra


Important MarTech Statistics: MarTech Stacks


  • 48% of marketers utilize a MarTech stack while 21% use a single-vendor suite — State of Marketing Technology 2017
  • The average company in Gartner’s survey uses 22 MarTech platforms/tools in their stacks with 8 more in the process of being implemented — Gartner
  • Only 3% of marketers feel they get the full value out of their tools but better strategies, analytics systems and training would help them get the most of out their MarTech stacks — State of Marketing Technology 2017
  • Social media management is the most popular stack option at 83%, search management is at 80% and email marketing automation sits at 73% — SmartInsights


Important MarTech Statistics: Analytics, Performance & Attribution


  • 56% of marketers believe their companies use of MarTech technology isn’t keeping up with the evolution of the MarTech industry — State of Marketing Technology 2017
  • MarTech spending will reach $32.3 billion by 2018 — IDC, American Advisory Firm
  • 80% of marketers will invest in dashboards for marketing analytics — Worldwide and Regalix
  • 71% of marketing companies think they invest enough in MarTech, a 50% jump from 2016 — State of Marketing Technology 2017
  • 69% of marketers believe MarTech helps them excel at their jobs —  State of Marketing Technology 2017
  • 65% of the median internet sales-driven companies CAC budget is devoted to marketing, as they rely greatly on MarTech tools —  Forentrepeneurs
  • 81% of companies with more than $500 million revenue now employ a chief marketing technologist, CMT, (2014) with 8% of large enterprises expecting to add that role — Gartner


Important MarTech Statistics: SaaS and Cloud-Based Analytics


  • 65% of marketers will invest in SaaS and cloud-based analytics software — Regalix
  • 85% of U.S. executives use cloud computing and 65% say it will affect their business in the next decade — NewVantage Partners
  • 34% of North American marketers say tag management and user management skills are vital to successful future marketing strategies — SapientNitro
  • The average organization uses 1,427 cloud services, a 23.7% increase over the same quarter last year — Cloud Computing Trends 2017
  • The SaaS market is worth an estimated $58.6 billion (2017) — Statista
  • Most companies use an average 16 SaaS apps, up 33% from 2016 —  BetterCloud


Important MarTech Statistics: Digital Consumer Trends


  • 85% of global consumers say they have access to social media sites and almost 50% say they follow specific brands — EY Global Financial Services Institute
  • Mobile commerce represents 30% of all U.S e-commerce — Internet Retailer
  • There are 2.6 billion global smartphone users, which is experts are expecting to rise to 6.1 billion by 2020 — TechCrunch
  • 50% of consumers are annoyed when online ads aren’t relevant to them — Treasure Data
  • 82% of smartphone users consult their phones before they make a purchase in-store — Google
  • ⅓ of people access the internet primarily through their smartphones — HubSpot

Important MarTech Statistics: Customer Data Platform (CDP)


  • 70% of businesses utilize a CDP to assist in personalizing their customer’s experience — Customer Data Platform Institute
  • There are two dozen CDP vendors totaling over $300 million in revenue (2016) and are expected to reach $1 billion by 2019 — Customer Data Platform Institute
  • 42% of global marketers copy all or most customer data into a central database — Customer Data Platform Institute  
  • 35% of marketers say providing and maintaining an integrated customer experience across digital media and devices is a top priority — Treasure Data
  • Only 39% of marketing executives say they understand their customers’ cross-device behaviors — eMarketer
  • 22% of global marketers don’t combine customer data from different systems — Customer Data Platform Institute


These important MarTech statistics are proof that digital marketing tools are changing the way company’s interact with their clients and future customers. Building an emotional customer relationship and engaging with clients is easier but there is still much work to be done. New solutions are in the works to better integrate tools and educate marketers in order to gain their full benefits. Using these important MarTech statistics and keeping up with the trends will help you make better decisions when choosing the right marketing technology for your business.



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